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Tips for Choosing Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses

Some brides prefer everything to match, and some brides may prefer something different. Something different such as Mix & Match. While bridesmaids dresses can be expensive, a fun way to less the cost is to allow a mix and match look that will let your bridesmaids pick a gown, in your choice of color palate, in their price range. However, there are certain things to remember so that you don’t have a Mix & Match go badly.

Choosing contrasting dresses is also a great way to cater for the different shapes, styles and coloring of your wedding party. It lets you add more personal style to your wedding party. But mix and match dresses are not always an easy thing to pull off. You have to come up with a selection of colors, tones, and fabrics, but with that you will also be providing choices for your bridesmaids which could lead to conflict and a whole lot of opinions.

Once you get past all the decisions, your wedding photo will show a perfectly put together wedding party that will be different from your classic matchy-matchy styled bride.

Listed below are a few tips to remember while planning a Mix & Match Success!

-Hue. Having your girls go out and select 5 separate dresses in the color pink, is setting you up to have 5 girls show up in 5 different color pinks. If you are wanting a certain color dress, there are a lot of designer dresses that provide the same color dress in multiple different styles. That will be helpful in a sense that you won’t have to worry about one girl in a darker pink dress next to a lighter one.

-Don’t be too care free. Create a Pinterest board or send your bridesmaids photos of what you like. Explain the look you are going for, tell them what colors and textures you envision. A black dress can go from elegant to gothic at the snap of a finger.

-Stay in touch. Say you have bridesmaids that all live in different places. If you aren’t able to do a group shopping trip and are wanting your girls in three different colors make sure they are in touch with each other so that your colors will be evenly spread out. Create a group text! Makes it easy to send photos for the wedding party to see!

-Sparkle or Lace? Don’t be afraid! You’ll make a very fashion forward statement by playing with these materials, who doesn’t love some great texture?


We hope that these Tips make your Mix & Match experience easier!! Happy Wedding Planning from Bridal Couture Magazine!

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