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What is Project Wedding of The Century?
The team at The Century loves everything about weddings! “It’s so rewarding to take the inspirations that our clients provide us and transform The Century into the wedding of their dreams,” explains Erin Doran, Owner of The Century in downtown Modesto, CA.

So now it’s their turn to design a wedding based on their personal inspirations. The Century’s management team has designed and planned a wedding of their very own. Welcome to The Century’s Mock Wedding.

“We wanted to do a theme that we haven’t done at The Century. Our inspirations will be based on a Woodland Themed Wedding.” Erin explains, “it will be whimsical, natural, organic, fresh. Bringing the outside to the inside.”

What will the evening consist of?
Enjoy a champagne welcome as you browse our beautiful building, strike a pose in the photo booth, witness a mock ceremony, sip on delicious cocktails, savor small delectable bites, enjoy harmonious music. Experience the true beauty of The Century!

If you love what you see at their Mock Wedding and are ready to book your special day then take advantage of the exclusive promotions that they will have available that evening. They will have an information table set up to answer all of your questions.

Finally, you get to take home a tote bag full of inspirational goodies!

This will be a great event to attend for those that are researching wedding venues for their special day.

Join Bridal Couture Magazine on a visual experience under the crystal chandeliers!

Tickets are $40 each.
Inclusions: one glass of champagne, one signature cocktail, hors d’oeuvres, unlimited poses in the photo booth, tote bag of goodies and a visual experience that will leave you inspired.
Adult only event.

We look forward to sharing this special event with you!

Saturday, March 18th of 2017
Doors Open @ 6:00pm

Purchase Tickets Here

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What Not to Do At A Wedding!

The official kickoff of wedding season is upon us, so we felt it only right to highlight a few no-nos for those the celebrations ahead. Bottom line: remember that it’s the couple’s big day, and you’re there to offer love, support, and encouragement from beginning to end. Avoid these little (and big!) guest mistakes, and you’ll be sailing smoothly all wedding season long.

Unless your invitation specifically includes a plus-one, don’t show up with a guest on the fly.

When in doubt, pause before you post anything about a wedding to social media, especially  big reveals like the bride in her dress BEFORE the ceremony begins.

So much time and effort goes into seating charts and meal planning, so if you plan on attending it’s an absolute must to RSVP.

A baby meltdown is understandable, but as a grown-up wedding guest, save the drama for your mama.

This is not the time or place to be a Debbie Downer. Remember, if you can’t say anything nice…eat cake and zip your lip.

We get it, you’re excited to celebrate. But don’t intrude on private moments before the day officially kicks off.

Sentimental gifts are always appreciated, but also make sure to respect the time and effort the couple has put into crafting their registry.

This may seem like an old-fashioned rule, but avoiding white at a wedding is still always a good idea.

Show up late? Make sure to enter from the sides rather than walk down the aisle.

Don’t be THAT guest who tries to play “second shooter”. Of course, couples always love extra moments captured but make sure you aren’t getting in the way of the professional photographer.

Make sure to be present and truly celebrate. You can always post your #latergram

Unless specifically asked to be the event planner, leave it to the professionals the couple has hired to let the wedding day run smoothly.

It may seem like a good idea in the moment (especially after a drink or two) but just don’t do it.



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Simple Rules for Announcing Your Engagement on Social Media

Social Media gives you nearly limitless options when it comes to announcing your engagement. Many couples turn to Facebook first to announce an engagement, with 28% of soon-to-be spouses updating their relationship status within hours and another 24% by the next day. However, many couples are turning towards Instagram to creatively announce their engagements. But with more ways to show off that ring and wonderful partner, you can also make a lot of social media mistakes — not the least of which is letting your announcement get lost on the wrong platform. Make your message stand out by avoiding these missteps.Karissa-Pearce-&-MacGregor-Goodhart-Wedding-Date--October-8,-2016-Kori-&-Jared-Photography Karissa-Pearce-&-MacGregor-Goodhart-Wedding-Date--October-8,-2016-Kori-&-Jared-Photography1Don’t neglect to tell your VIPs the old-fashioned way
Call your close friends and family before you post anything. They deserve to hear the great news straight from you, the traditional way.

Don’t get too personal
When announcing the engagement, some newly engaged couples have the urge to share every single detail of the proposal, including what happened before, during and after the question was popped. When you dish on so many details, you can unknowingly offend someone. Offenses include things as simple as disclosing those pet names you have for each other, sharing that uncomfortable description of the “best kiss of your life” after you said yes, or including details about those more salacious celebratory moments. Choose to omit or limit some of the more intimate details that may have been part of the proposal, and save those stories for a more private offline chat with friends or share them on your next girls’ night out

Don’t be tacky
Admittedly, we are used to sharing just about every detail of our lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks. But your friends and family really do not want you to broadcast how many carats your engagement ring is, or how much it cost your fiancé. Seriously, it’s a bit pretentious and totally tacky. Avoid clichéd photo captions like “I’m marrying my best friend.” It might be true, but people have heard it a thousand times. The last thing you want is for coworkers and acquaintances to roll their eyes as they learn the news.

Don’t choose the wrong platform
Avoid sharing your engagement announcement on business-related social networks or forums, such as LinkedIn. If business sites are the only platforms you use, instead wait until you’re married and have to make an official name change on your profiles, and use that opportunity to share news of your nuptials with your professional contacts.

Don’t post until you’re ready for everyone to know
The downside of social media is that it is easy to spread news fast! Avoid spending hours on damage control. Either go ahead and post a few quick pictures and follow up with something more elaborate later, or keep the news to yourself until you have a chance to make the proper rounds with the announcement. Mira-Jantz-Favorites-0011

Karissa Pearce & MacGregor Goodhart
Wedding Date::October 8, 2016
Kori & Jared Photography

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Stationery 101~Simple stationery timeline

Stationery-101-introThe ring is on your finger and the planning is underway—time to start spreading the word. While today’s engagement announcements are more often ring selfies and Facebook posts than cards in the mail or newspaper clippings, traditional engagement announcements shouldn’t be relegated to the history books. Allow this simple stationery timeline to guide you through your planning.

Giving your friends and family a heads-up has never been easier with creative announcements from sticker magnets to letterpress bookmarks and modern photo cards. With so many stunning ways to declare your important date, you’ll want to tackle this task and have them mailed six to eight months beforehand.


Your invites are one of the most important elements in your day because they provide guests with crucial information. And while some details of your wedding don’t follow a strict set of rules, your invitations do have a set of hard-and-fast rules to follow. Letting your guests know the when and where has never been easier… just make sure they receive your awesome selection four to eight weeks before your celebration.


4-5-weeksDAY OF
Don’t forget about the importance of stationery for the ceremony or reception, everything from beautiful programs to gorgeous menus to place cards that will lead your nearest and dearest to their seats at the greatest ever party. Order these beauties with plenty of time to have them day-of ready, but when it comes to those RSVPs, give your guests a deadline of at least two weeks.


3-monthsTHANK YOUS
Contrary to popular myth, the happy couple does not have a year’s grace period in which to write their notes. All thank-you notes should be written within three months of the receipt of the gift. Ideally, a response should be written on the day you receive a wedding gift. If that’s not possible, set a daily goal. It’s a lot easier then writing them all in one day a month later.



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Sugaring: A Sweeter Method of Hair Removal

What is sugaring, you ask? 

We were dying to find out, so we reached out to Tenile, owner of Nirvana Face and Body in downtown Modesto, to find out.



Dating all the way back to the Egyptians, sugaring is a natural method of hair removal. It uses a paste made from sugar, water and lemon to gently remove unwanted hair. “When waxing,wax is applied with the direction of the hair and pulled the opposite direction to be removed; however, with sugaring, the sugar paste is applied against the hair growth direction and pulled with the direction of the hair growth, causing less breakage, which leads to less irritation and less chances of ingrown hairs,” Tenile explains.  “The sugar paste only exfoliates dead skin cells, so there is fewer chance of skin lifting and less irritation.”


Why Choose Sugaring?

“It’s gentle. Using all natural ingredients and working with the hair’s natural growth, sugaring is perfect for all skin types and hair textures. It can even remove fine, light colored hairs. Sugaring is safe for clients with skin sensitivities, eczema and psoriasis.”

We all know what a struggle waxing can be, especially for those with a low pain threshold. Another benefit of sugaring is that is is far less painful. Both the stickiness of the sugar paste used and its method of application are designed to avoid the ouch so famously associated with hair removal.


Sugar paste is water soluble, so it’s not sticky, and when your service is complete, a quick wipe cleans any residue.

And wait, there is more! “Long term benefits you’ll love: due to the direction the hair is removed, more hairs are pulled out by the root. Over time, the hair follicle will start to collapse in on itself, causing thinner hair growth and ultimately permanent hair loss,” says Tenile.

Waxing is generally a much easier technique to learn, so it’s more common, but sugaring done correctly can be life changing, especially for people who can’t be waxed for any number of reasons. Before scheduling your next wax appointment, consider giving this super-sweet option a try. Call the girls at Nirvana, and they will show you the sweeter side of hair removal.  Nirvana is located in downtown Modesto. Find them here or call them at 209-529-3807.

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