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Daniela & Trevor Cordova Married June 3, 2012

Married June 3, 2012

Trevor and Daniela met over five years ago while they were both attending CSU Chico. Well, technically they met when Daniela started dating Trevor’s roommate, but when that relationship didn’t work out, Trevor convinced her to go out on a date with him. After their first date, Daniela said that she knew he was the one for her. After they graduated, they moved back to the area together, and eventually landed at his family’s farm in Denair. After over 3 1/2 years of dating, Trevor proposed to her in the house that they shared.

When they became engaged over a year ago, they were determined to incorporate who they were as a couple in all the wedding plans. Farming and almonds are a big part of their lives: Daniela’s father is a farmer in Modesto, so she grew up around farming, while Trevor’s family owns 700 acres in Denair and farms almonds. After Trevor graduated from CSU Chico, he decided to go into the family business and help his dad on the farm, so it was not only their past, but their future as well.BCM_Featurewedding_S.BakerPhoto
It was decided early on that the setting would be “rustic elegance”. After choosing a theme, they started looking for venues. They’d heard about a vineyard in Lodi from a fortuitous conversation that Trevor’s mom had with a stranger, so they decided to go and take a look. As soon as they toured the wedding ceremony area at Oak Farm Vineyards, they were sold. The huge, beautiful, oak tree was exactly where they had envisioned swapping their vows. The grounds were  gorgeous and Daniela said, “It literally took our breath away.” After determining the wedding location, everything started to fall into place. She decided on the colors: buttercup yellow, coral, and ivory, and tried to incorporate almonds as much as possible. With the help of her mother and future mother-in-law, Daniela said that all of their free time was spent on planning the perfect wedding.

On June 3, 2012, a beautiful Sunday morning, they got ready for the big day. The wedding ceremony started at 3:30 p.m., and Daniela fondly remembers walking down the aisle with her dad. As she looked for her groom waiting at the alter, she saw Trevor breaking down at the sight of her. Daniela said, “It was the most surreal moment, and I will always remember that look on his face when he first saw me.”

After the ceremony, a cocktail hour was held by the lake. After the pictures were taken, everyone headed to the wine pavilion where the reception took place. “It was the best night of our lives,” they gushed, joy evident on their faces, “Everyone told us it was ‘one of the best weddings they have ever been to.’” They raved about their DJ who played great music, the fabulous wine, the amazing cake (with almond filling) from Tiers for Two, and the photo booth that their guests enjoyed.BCM-featured-wedding_S.baker-photo
Trevor and Daniela said that the best part of their wedding was having all of their close family and friends there to celebrate. Family is the most important thing to them and they had a wonderful, memorable day creating their brand new family of two.


Photographer::Stephanie Baker Photography
Venue::Oak Farm Vineyards
Bride’s Fashion::Mira Bridal Couture
Shoes::Custom through ETSY, Design Your Pedestal
Hair Accessory::Etsy, Bella Blooms
Veil::Mira Bridal Couture
Groom’s Fashion::Tommy Hilfiger
Ceremony Musician::Larry Henderson
Reception Entertainment::Elite Entertainment
Florist::Michael Hernandes of Simple Flowers
Caterer::Ruben from Albrijes
Jeweler::Vail Creek Jewelers
Cake::Tiers for Two
Rentals::Classic Party Rentals
Invitations:: The Groom, Trevor Cordova
Favors::D.I.Y. quilted mason jars filled with seasoned almonds

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Get Married! The Valley’s Leading Bridal Show!

Get Married Modesto! is the engaged couple’s one

stop shop for planning their dream wedding!Get Married Modesto_BridalCoutureMagazine


Registration begins at 11:00

Doors Open at Noon

1150 9th St. Modesto

Be sure to register online! You won’t have to wait in a long line! 

CLICK HERE to Register then Buy your Tickets

Tickets in advance are $10.00 each 

Tickets at the door are $15.00 each

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Bridal Couture Magazine

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Mix ‘n Maybe Match:: Your Bridesmaids, Your Style

A bride who loves to push the envelope on tradition weddings might consider some of the following looks for her bridesmaids. We’re giving you permission to choose the same color in
different styles, play-up patterns, or decide on varying colors of the same dress.

The result will be as unique as you are, and can be as decorative as the tulle and flowers themselves. With so many new styles to choose from, you just might find the dress that they will truly be able to wear again.

NoirBy-JLMCouture_MiraBridalCouture_Fall2012Permission Granted::Your bridesmaids don’t have to look likes bridesmaids. Mocha alencon lace over espresso and nude organza cocktail dresses from Noir by Lazaro.
Occasions-Mix-n-match-Mira-Bridal-Couture-fall-2012Cherry Jubilee. Like to stand out from the crowd? Your bridesmaids will make a bright, bold statement in these decadent colors, inspired by some of your favorite summer fruit. Find these and more at Jim Hjelm Couture.Watters_Maids-Fall2012-Mira-Bridal-Couture

Want to match the way you feel every time he looks at you? Blush works with any color decor: add black for a crisp look or a bright color if you want to go against all the rules. Watters Maids, lace dresses. Style 2255, 2250, & 2251.

Christian Grey isn’t the only one who prefers vanilla. Drape your bridesmaids in one of these flowy dresses for a subtle high-class look. Watters Maids, French Vanilla Crinkle Chiffon. Style 25921, 25911, 25941, and 25951.

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Well Groomed. A Guide to Men’s Skin Care

Getting ready for your big day requires more than just a shower and a shave these days. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a full-on metrosexual, either. Keep these five tools on hand — and use them — to achieve good man-scaping status. BCM looked to Cheryl Zuzula, a licensed skin care therapist at Aqua Bliss for tips.


Protect the Head
Many men opt to sport the buzz cut when temps approach the triple digits, which is great for cooling off, but it also exposes your scalp (previously protected by hair) to the rays of death (UV rays). Quick fix: apply sunscreen daily! A mineral blocker with an SPF is essential.

Scrub Up
In dry conditions more dead skin may accumulate, making men look scaly and dull. Quick fix: Scrub it off with a granular exfoliator a few times a week.

Dirty skin? Clean it up
When men are hot, they sweat more. Simple enough. But when we sweat, these oils, toxins, and bacteria along with dead skin from our pores accumulate on the surface of our skin. Quick fix: cleanse at least once per day with a salicylic and/or lactic formula.

Conquer the Scales
Hydration is essential for bodies during summer months just as much as it is for our skin, otherwise we risk looking scaly or flaky. Quick fix: splash skin with cooling mists of peptides and fresheners and use a moisturizer or hydrating serum daily that contains antioxidants, D2O and nutrients.

Fight Damage
Fun in the sun is a favorite pastime during this season. Keep in mind however that the sun is responsible for 90 percent of skin aging (not to mention skin cancer). Quick fix: apply a topical retinoidat night and follow with a mineral blocker daily.

Well Groomed.Aqua Bliss-Bridal Couture Magazine

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Sketch the Dress

Every young girl interested in fashion, and each budding designer, knows that an idea for a gown begins with a sketch.  What Vatana Watters understood though, and what has made her designs and companies powerhouses in the bridal and formal wear industries for over two decades, is that the sketch is where it starts; it isn’t where the design ends.

The Odette sketch below gives life to the important details like being strapless and designed a-line with a washed silk organza overlay and a sweep train.  Yet only when the bride puts the gown on does it really begin to live and enhance the wearer.  The beaded lace strips on the bodice boosts the womanly form.  The a-line and overlay causes it to appear as though the bride is floating on air.  And the satin ribbon enhances the waist at its narrowest point, further flattering the woman’s figure.SketchTheDress-watters-feature-BridalCoutureMagazine-fall2012-odette-gown

The Hera sketch shows a strapless gown with drop-waist features.  Still, until a woman tries it on, it isn’t obvious that the embellished feather lace bodice and chapel train lend Oscar-worthy glamour to the gown that will surely make a statement as the bride walks up the aisle towards her leading man.SketchTheDress-watters-feature-BridalCoutureMagazine-fall2012-heragown

Visit Watters for store locations.

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