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Twisting Tradition

Down the Aisle in Altered Fashion

By Josh BendahanNyberg_Murti_Bethany_Carlson_Photography_bridalCoutureMagazineSick and tired of the same old uninspired getups for your friend’s wedding party?
Fear not!  There appears to be a paradigm shift as the rules of groom and groomsmen aren’t so black and white anymore.

Only until recently have we started seeing an injection of color into groomsmen’s attire. There are more accent colors being introduced to spice up the mundane traditional look, like that of their bridesmaid counterparts. Men have now started investing in custom made tuxedos and tailored suits, a versatile look for the big day instead of the played out cookie cutter rentals. This way the fashionable male is now equipped to rock their purchases to any other event or  occasion in the future.

Now more than ever we’re seeing an increase of colorful socks, candy swirl suspenders and bright accent pocket squares.  Meanwhile, the less adventurous ones are going with more lapel play; a suede midnight blue or navy color really sets the tone for a fashion forward groomsman.
BridalCoutureMag-Twisting tradition-GriverPhotography
The old school cummerbund seems to have gone extinct all together and replaced by the dapper three piece suit.  Even the traditional bowtie has been given a facelift with colorful stripes and patterns. Ultimately, the color scheme for each wedding says a lot about the lucky couple, while it also sets the mood and tone for each unique special occasion.

Guys, there is nothing worse than being stuck in a suit or tux for an entire day that you hate or didn’t even pick out. At times the bride and groom can be quite oblivious to the heinous outfits they force onto their entourages, sometimes it’s downright criminal. For those fortunate enough to attend a destination beach wedding somewhere warm, we commonly see a light khaki theme, along with flip flops and some shades. Nyberg_Murti_Bethany_Carlson_Photography_NybergMurtiBridalCoutureMagazine
On the other hand, it’s now more acceptable at indoor weddings to see a fitted crisp black or blue suit along with some Chuck Taylors or Nike’s to play off the cool, comfortable look. We all want to look handsome and stylish while playing our part on the big day, which usually consists of   getting wasted and busting a move on the dance floor. It is nights like these that we sacrifice our self image and dignity for our dear friends’ enjoyment. At least we can now look good doing it, because no one wants to be tagged in candid pictures they can’t stand to look at!  “I don’t think there is a specific reason for the change. I think people are just doing what they want now and not going by what everyone expects to see at a wedding by adding something to make it their own” – Leanne Stratton, wedding hair stylist for LoveLee Promotions.

Amidst all this color influx, we look to see who or what has inspired this booming trend. It’s hard to pinpoint a definitive culprit in this case but guys, we can all agree that we are happy with this change. Color isn’t just for the bridesmaids anymore; we’re starting to get noticed and stand out now!

More grooms are becoming aware that they too have a voice in what is being planned on their big day. Make sure your buddy pipes up next time when finalizing the groomsmen’s attire, ensuring you’ll look just as cool for the wedding as you would at any red carpet event. Just make sure he says ‘please’ when he asks her.BridalCoutureMag-Twisting tradition-GriverPhotography

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Kayla & Trevor Grimbleby

Married August 11, 2012
If Kayla and Trevor didn’t believe in magic before their wedding, they certainly did once the day was done.  In fact, they have come to call the day of their marriage “Our Magical Day” because it was so full of beautiful and striking moments.Kayla&Trevor_Kori&JaredPhoto_BridalCoutureMag
The wedding fun began in the planning stages as both the bride and the groom loved spending time together dreaming what their day would be like.  They knew they wanted the ceremony and reception to reflect who they are as individuals and as a couple.  Their guests confirmed they nailed it by telling them how personal and enjoyable the wedding was.  Kayla and Trevor acknowledge they couldn’t have done it without the combined efforts and hard work of their amazing families and all their friends.Kayla&Trevor_Kori&JaredPhoto_BridalCoutureMag
Sentimental moments were ample on the day, but the bride and groom were both struck at the meaning of seeing each other before the wedding under the weeping willow tree that had been a part of Kayla’s life since childhood.  They also recited vows to one another that they had personally crafted.  Though Kayla cried through the entirety of hers, Trevor was right there for her every moment.

After the ceremony, the photographer stole the couple away from the reception to take sunset pictures. Though they had taken pictures together before the wedding, the sunset pictures had special meaning for Kayla and Trevor because at that moment they knew they were officially married and they couldn’t have been more excited.Kayla&Trevor_Kori&JaredPhoto_BridalCoutureMagKayla&Trevor_Kori&JaredPhoto_BridalCoutureMagKayla&Trevor_Kori&JaredPhoto_BridalCoutureMagKayla&Trevor_Kori&JaredPhoto_BridalCoutureMagKayla&Trevor_Kori&JaredPhoto_BridalCoutureMagKayla&Trevor_Kori&JaredPhoto_BridalCoutureMag
Photography::Kori & Jared Photography
Venue::Bride’s Family Residence
Bride’s Fashion::Watters, Mira Bridal Couture
Bride and Bridesmaids Jewelry::Fleur De Lis
Bridesmaids Fashion::H&M
Makeup Artist::Amber Cromwell
Hairstylist::Megan Countryman
Groom’s Fashion::Rossini Menswear . Formalwear
Groomsmen’s Fashion::Kenneth’s Fine Menswear
Rings::Harland Jewelers
Cinematographer::Rumble Cinematography
Entertainment::Mike Royer
Photo Booth::Brandon Brubaker
Specialty Rentals::Chavez Decorations
Caterer:The Obvious Choice Catering
Cake::Tiers for Two
Florist::J. Russell Designs
Event Coordinator::Claudine Gray
Invitations::Jenifer Flora
D.I.Y. Projects::Photo Booth, favors, table runners,
napkins, wood signs, Mr. and Mrs. banner, and cake table.

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Vicki & Ben Murti

Married July 28, 2012

The fragrant lavender set the stage for a serene and beautiful celebration for
Vicki and Ben’s wedding at Pageo Lavender Farms in Turlock, Ca.

Before the ceremony began, the bride and groom exchanged personal letters and prayed for one another behind a door.  During the ceremony the bridal party, made up of several musicians, jammed together.  Vicki walked down the aisle to a song that the groom played on his guitar.  Not only did Vicki and Ben exchange personalized, handwritten vows, but they exchanged pinky promises, too.VivkiBenMurti-BethanyCarlson_BridalCoutureMagazineBenVickiMurtiWedding_BridalCoutureMag_BethanyCarlson.jpg
Before announcing them husband and wife, both sets of parents gathered around the couple and covered them in prayers.  Throughout the day Vicki and Ben created a time capsule box of memories from the day to keep at their house and open sometime in the future.  Because the father-of-the-bride is an exceptional cheesecake baker he baked mini-cheesecakes and displayed those in lieu of a more traditional tiered cake.  The dessert room was in the tall metal alcove at Pageo and was full of various cookies, candy and cheesecake.VivkiBenMurti-BethanyCarlson_BridalCoutureMagazine
Some of the best moments of the reception took place as every single bridesmaid and groomsman made a spontaneous toast of love to the couple.VivkiBenMurti-BethanyCarlson_BridalCoutureMagazine
Photography::Bethany Carlson Photography
Venue::Pageo Lavender Farms, Turlock, Ca.
Bride’s Fashion::Martina Liana, Mira Bridal Couture
Bridesmaids Fashion::Forever 21
Groom & Groomsmen Fashion::Express for Men
Florist::Brian Hughes, Friend of the Family
Cake::Bride’s Father, John Nyberg
Cinematography::Sean Ahren, Friend of the Family

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Polly & Ryan Cole

Married  June 16, 2012 Polly&Ryan-BridalCouturemag+FeaturedWedding-BogdanCondorPhotography Polly&Ryan_FeaturedWedding-BridalCoutureMagazine-BogdanCondorPhotographyPolly&Ryan_FeaturedWedding-BridalCoutureMagazine-BogdanCondorPhotography

Polly&Ryan_BogdanCondorPgotography-FeatureBridalCoutureMagazine2013Photography::Bogdan Condor Photography
Venue::Cole Family Cabin, Sunnyside, Lake Tahoe, Ca.
Bride’s Fashion::Nordstrom’s Bridal Suite
Entertainment::Slow Cowboy
Specialty Rentals::A Party House
Catering::Crest Cafe & Catering
Dessert::Gluten-Free Cookie by Tahoe House Bakery
Floral::D.I.Y. by the Bride’s friend Meggin

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Courtney & Abram Ciszek

Married September 2, 2012

Courtney had always pictured hers and Abe’s wedding with a vintage chic vibe in a rustic, lush and green venue.  She fell in love with Pageo Lavender Farms the minute she walked through the gates.  As luck would have it, Pageo was only available on Labor Day Weekend, but so were the photographer, the caterer, the baker, the florist and the DJ.  As the saying goes, everything just fell into place.CiszekWedding_BridalCoutureMag1_GroverStyle.jpg

Courtney loves all color and wasn’t inclined to follow traditional wedding color schemes so she chose lemon yellow, coral red and sea blue and the palette for her and Abe’s celebration décor.  For the couple the colors were natural and vivid and complemented each other beautifully.CiszekWedding_BridalCoutureMag1_GroverStyle.jpg

Some of the most sentimental moments of the wedding occurred when Courtney’s father gathered her hand in his and helped her walk down the aisle.  As it always has, her father’s caring touch put her nerves immediately at ease.   When Courtney and Abe exchanged vows, as they expressed their feelings, love, and promises to one another, Courtney couldn’t help but be overcome with emotion.CiszekWedding_BridalCoutureMag1_GroverStyle.jpg

At dinner, the couple’s family and friends brought laughter and tears of joy and they related tales of love and care for both Courtney and Abe.

And the crowning moment of the reception came when Courtney’s five-year-old niece stood up on a chair to see the speech she had prepared on her own.  When the little girl began to cry from emotion, the bride began to cry and the guests made an audible (and memorable) “Awww.”CiszekWedding_BridalCoutureMag1_GroverStyle.jpg

Photography::GROVER Style Photography
Venue::Pageo Lavender Farms, Turlock, Ca.
Bride’s Fashion::Watters, Mira Bridal Couture
Bridemaids Fashion::Watters, Mira Bridal Couture
Groom & Groomsmen Custom Suspenders, Bow tie, & Garter::Elaine Arnold
Florist::Willow Floral Design
Catering::Appetez Restaurant, Modesto
Cake::Linda Berndardi
Entertainment::Marquis Entertainment
Glass Doors Seating Chart, Suitcases, Birdcage::Unique Boutique
Bride & Flower Girl Hair pieces::Little Birdcage
Make-up::Nikkole of Dillards, Stockton, Ca.
Hair::Jennifer from Andre David and Pam Milan
Desserts::The Bride’s Mother
Bride’s Wedding Ring::Harland Jewelers
Groom’s Wedding Ring::Rogers Jewelers
Photo Booth Photographer::Carie Rupp Harris Invitations::Wedding Paper Divas
D.I.Y. Projects::Guest Favors, Love Notes, Table Decorations and Centerpieces, Guest Book, Aisle Runner, Photo booth decoration and props, Paper cones for caramel corn, Dessert room décor, Toasting Mason jar wine glasses
for head table

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