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Brooke & Nick Gaither

Married October 20, 2012

Nick & Brooke Gaither_Stephanie Baker Photo_BridalCoutureMag

Nick and Brooke first met at their favorite burger spot when they were each 17 years old.  After eight years of friendship and romance, Nick proposed to Brooke at Brook’s father’s 50th birthday celebration.  “It was so special to have all of our family and close friends with us,” Brooke recalls.Nick & Brooke Gaither_Stephanie Baker Photo_BridalCoutureMag

Eighteen months after he popped the question, the couple said their vows at the dazzling Palm Event Center in the Livermore  wine valley.  The couple chose black and white as their wedding colors to establish a simple, yet elegant look for the occasion. Their monogram logo, B & N, was printed on the save-the-dates, the invitations, and the menu cards.  The couple said their vows in the exquisite Estate Room, in front of an arch created from soft-white drapery and embellished with flower rings.  In place of traditional favors, the couple gave donations to the American Cancer Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation on the behalf of each guest.  The fun music of KJ and the All Stars had everyone on the dance floor late into the evening giving everyone a night to remember.  Nick and Brooke were thrilled with the way that the event came together.

Nick & Brooke Gaither_Stephanie Baker Photo_BridalCoutureMagNick & Brooke Gaither_Stephanie Baker Photo_BridalCoutureMag

Nick & Brooke Gaither_Stephanie Baker Photo_BridalCoutureMag

These happy newlyweds look forward to a bright future together: enjoying time with friends and family, boating, and catching some Giants games.

Nick & Brooke Gaither_Stephanie Baker Photo_BridalCoutureMagNick & Brooke Gaither_Stephanie Baker Photo_BridalCoutureMag

Stephanie Baker Photography

The Estate Room,  The Palms Event Center

The Ballroom, The Palms Event Center

Bridal Gown
Novella Bridal

Suits & Tuxedos
Rossini Menswear . Formalwear

Wedding Cake
Two for Two Cakes

Gabriel Fine Jewelers

Mandy Scott Events

Invitations & Printables
Hyegraph & Calligraphy

Keith Johnson All Stars

Krista Strader

Event Coordinator
Mandy Scott Events

Hair & Make-Up
Get Your DO up!

Drapery, Chairs, Lighting
Hartmann Studios

Linen Rentals
La Tavola

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Save the Date

Save the Date for some of the Central Valley’s leading bridal events.

A Decadent Afair. Wine & Roses

Sunday August 25th, 2013 at Wine & Roses Lodi, Ca. 5:30-7pm

Top of the Line Vendors
Bridal fashion showcase
Specialty Food & Drink
Vendor Prize Giveaways
Fun Bride & Groom Contests
Tour of Wine & Roses grounds

$25 per person. For tickets, call 209.371.6117 or [email protected]


Bridal Event-Reserve at Spanos Park

Thursday August 29, 2013 6:00-8:00pm at The Reserve at Spanos Park, Stockton, Ca.

Complimentary Admission
Hors d’oeuvres
Great Local Vendors
Raffle Prizes, Games & Giveaways

E-mail Emily here for additional information.


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Slingshot Bride-Daring Bouquet toss

Slingshot-Bride_GMA_YahooWhen Natasha and Jake Johnson, newlyweds from Eagle Mountain, Utah, originally picked their wedding venue, they had no idea what hidden treasure was on the premises that would take their nuptials to new heights.

“We rented the house and had no idea that it had a human slingshot on the property. We had absolutely no idea,” Natasha, 30, told “It was such a beautiful setting in the mountains. It has its own private pond and a stream running through it. It’s gorgeous.”

When the property manager first showed the couple the human slingshot, Natasha was admittedly a bit skeptical about whether she should try to incorporate it into their ceremony.

“We tossed it back and forth, didn’t know if we’d want to do it,” she said. “We wanted to rent a mechanical bull because that’s how we met, on the back of a mechanical bull at Western bar.

We thought it would be funny to have that at the wedding. But we did the human slingshot instead.”

They decided the human slingshot would be an awesome way to spice up the traditional bouquet and garter tosses, so Natasha strapped into a harness and gave it a test run at her rehearsal dinner the night prior to the wedding.

“The night before I was terrified, super panicked, screaming my head off the whole time,” she said. “But we’re here, and we have a chance to do something, so why not?”

Natasha sneaked inside to change into shorts and her harness before surprising all her guests with the creative way she’d be tossing her bouquet.

“They thought we were crazy for doing it,” she said. “Everybody said it was the best wedding they’d ever been to.”

One of the wedding guests caught the hilarious moment on camera, which has more than 44,000 views on YouTube.

“It was the most awesome high in the world,” Natasha said. “And to quote my husband, his saying about it is, ‘It was cooler than a fan on high.'”

And just for the record, Natasha said, “It didn’t even ruin my dress at all.”

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Eye Candy

Is your Pinterest filling up with #engagementrings?  Are you collecting favorite images of delicate gems that you are hoping to soon have on your ring finger?  BCM is proud to highlight some trending-now designs from some of our finest jewelers in the Central Valley.

Trending Now!

Vail Creek Jewelry Designs

Ciccarelli Jewelers

Yonan’s Jewelers


Ultra-Classic Eternal Bands

Vail Creek Jewelry Designs

Yonan’s Jewelers


Ciccarelli Jewelers


A Splash of Color

Yonan’s Jewelers


Ciccarelli Jewelersdisplay_hummingbird

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The Evolution of Wedding Etiquette


After a 5-year hiatus, same-sex marriage resumes in California leaving many questions around modern etiquette for those preparing to wed, hundreds working in and around the wedding industry, and those with loved ones that may plan their own wedding soon.


All wedding celebrations are based on the same principles:  two people have made a commitment to one another, they want to express their love and devotion to each other, and they want to share that ceremony with their family and friends.  With that in mind, here are a few tips for those BCM readers who are excitedly looking forward to a day that is long overdue.


As ceremonies continue to evolve based on the desires of each unique couple,
terminology on the invitation can be a point of uncertainty for many.  To keep it simple, the invitation design should reflect the nature of the service and taste of the couple, and include the basics of who, what, when and where.  When address the envelopes, modern etiquette now calls for couples’ names to appear on the same line.  So whether the invited guests are married or not, their names can appear together above the address to which the invitation is being sent.  When addressing the envelope to a same-sex couple (or straight unmarried couples who live together), modern etiquette now calls for the couple’s names to appear on the same line.


As always, attire should express the tastes of the couple and reflect personal style.  Attire should also fit the setting of the ceremony.

Guest Seating at the Ceremony

Because our society is now so connected, and thanks to Facebook we all know how many ‘mutual friends’ we have, seating at ceremonies has evolved from the typical “your side” and “my side.”  Family members can be asked to act as ushers and seat people as they arrive according to the couple’s wishes.  Another option is to create signage with quotes such as the one Carissa and Brittney England used for their wedding.  It read, “Today, two families become one.  So please pick a seat, not a side.”

Terms of Endearment

As everything surrounding ceremonies evolves, so too will the traditional
introductions of the couple at the end of the exchange.  “Husband and Wife” may no
longer fit for many reasons.  Inviting the guests to congratulate the couple and their family following the exchange of vows would fit, and be appropriate for, many scenarios.

Other than twisting the culture of what one may be use to it’s actually quite simple. The traditional “fiance” or “fiancee” during the engagement is practical. After the ceremony, many couples will introduce each other as a “spouse” or “life partner”. Regardless of which verbiage is used, the meaning is the same and easily understood by others.

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