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Sugaring: A Sweeter Method of Hair Removal

What is sugaring, you ask? 

We were dying to find out, so we reached out to Tenile, owner of Nirvana Face and Body in downtown Modesto, to find out.



Dating all the way back to the Egyptians, sugaring is a natural method of hair removal. It uses a paste made from sugar, water and lemon to gently remove unwanted hair. “When waxing,wax is applied with the direction of the hair and pulled the opposite direction to be removed; however, with sugaring, the sugar paste is applied against the hair growth direction and pulled with the direction of the hair growth, causing less breakage, which leads to less irritation and less chances of ingrown hairs,” Tenile explains.  “The sugar paste only exfoliates dead skin cells, so there is fewer chance of skin lifting and less irritation.”


Why Choose Sugaring?

“It’s gentle. Using all natural ingredients and working with the hair’s natural growth, sugaring is perfect for all skin types and hair textures. It can even remove fine, light colored hairs. Sugaring is safe for clients with skin sensitivities, eczema and psoriasis.”

We all know what a struggle waxing can be, especially for those with a low pain threshold. Another benefit of sugaring is that is is far less painful. Both the stickiness of the sugar paste used and its method of application are designed to avoid the ouch so famously associated with hair removal.


Sugar paste is water soluble, so it’s not sticky, and when your service is complete, a quick wipe cleans any residue.

And wait, there is more! “Long term benefits you’ll love: due to the direction the hair is removed, more hairs are pulled out by the root. Over time, the hair follicle will start to collapse in on itself, causing thinner hair growth and ultimately permanent hair loss,” says Tenile.

Waxing is generally a much easier technique to learn, so it’s more common, but sugaring done correctly can be life changing, especially for people who can’t be waxed for any number of reasons. Before scheduling your next wax appointment, consider giving this super-sweet option a try. Call the girls at Nirvana, and they will show you the sweeter side of hair removal.  Nirvana is located in downtown Modesto. Find them here or call them at 209-529-3807.

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