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Featured Wedding~Kayleigh & Jeremy Leaver

Married October 3, 2015

The Price Ranch, Waterford, CA

Plain Jane PhotographyKayleigh Jeremy Leaver Plain Jane Photography Formals (75)

Kayleigh Jeremy Leaver Plain Jane Photography Ceremony (16)Kayleigh Jeremy Leaver Plain Jane Photography Ceremony (18)

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Featured Wedding~Shelby & Tevin Jones

Lavender & Lace

Shelby & Tevin Jones

Married June 4, 2016Shelby+Tevin+Bogdan+Condor077

In the throes of high school, Shelby and Tevin had no idea they were sharing classes with the love of their life. A chance encounter gave way to fate as they evolved from peers to lovers and began planning their wedding.


Giving themselves ample time, Shelby and Tevin began the process a year and a month in advance and accepted help from family and friends where they felt it was needed. New to wedding planning, Shelby relied heavily on the Knot and her wedding coordinator, Sonia, to keep herself on track. The couple knew that they wanted to hold their ceremony close to home and outdoors, and when Shelby found Pageo Lavender Farm, she fell head over heels in love with her venue. Shelby thought it would be perfect and would help capture the theme of her Lavender & Lace wedding. Pinterest helped Shelby to decide on bridal party colors of navy and grey that would enhance the exquisite beauty of the Pageo Lavender Farm and bring a charming tone to the overall event. Shelby+Tevin+Bogdan+Condor048

Although the planning process was long, Shelby and Tevin are glad they took the extra time and were not stressed out by or fed up with what should be the happiest day of any couple’s life. As Shelby was helped into the gorgeous lace gown she had found at Mira Bridal Couture, she thought back to her high school days, amazed and awed at how her life had played out. Their wedding was one for the books, the ceremony unfolding without incident, and their day was just as special as Tevin and Shelby are to each other.Shelby+Tevin+Bogdan+Condor103




Ceremony and Reception~Pageo Lavender Farm, Turlock, CA

Bridal Gown~Stella York from Mira Bridal Couture Modesto, CA

Rings~Geiger’s Jewelers

Cake~Sunrise Bakery

Catering~La Morenita

Alterations~Sewing & More by Arte, Modesto, CA

Specialty Rentals
The Party Connection

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Featured Wedding ~ Ann-Marie & Ron Mattis

Star-Crossed Love of a Lifetime

Ann-Marie & Ron Mattis
Married June 11, 2016Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (108)

Being pelted with a snowball is usually not the way the average person meets and falls in love, but Ann-Marie and Ron Mattis were star-crossed lovers, and their love would be nothing short of extraordinary.

Ann-Marie met Ron in an Irish Pub in San Francisco, her heart thumping as she saw him walk through the door. He was tall, handsome, and had a smile that stretched from ear to ear. Sitting down next to her, they talked all night, laughing hysterically and enjoying one another’s company. When Ann-Marie had to depart, they promised to keep in touch. She never knew that Ron would be entwined in her heart for life. Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (97)
Ron and Ann-Marie had crossed paths many times in their lives. Surprisingly, Ron and Ann-Marie found out that they had been neighbors in Cape Cod, MA, as children. Later on in life, both worked the same profession in the city and had even shared 40 work accounts together. Co-workers would constantly tell them that they should meet. But fate has a funny way with timing. Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (71)
As Ann-Marie and Ron grew more serious in their relationship, Ann-Marie’s future changed right before her eyes, and her love for Ron grew every day. They moved in together after 4 months of being in a relationship, neither having lived with a significant other before in their lives. They both were surprised at how easy it was! When Ron finally asked for Ann-Marie’s hand in marriage, she was shocked. She never knew that she could love someone as much as the man kneeling down before her, promising to love her forever as she already did him. Ann-Marie happily accepted and was overjoyed to know that she would soon marry her best friend.

Planning a wedding was more than difficult for the couple, several disasters adding stress and disappointment to the process. However, their photographer, Sara Malough was a bright and shining light who captured the intense and beautiful love between the two. Her amazing work kept Ann-Marie happy and less stressed, and with some help from Boheme Tipi Events, Ron and Ann-Marie were able to keep their focus on what was truly important: the deep and true love they had for one another. Keeping their love strong, they were able to overcome their difficulties and produce their classical and vintage wedding.Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (121) June 11th, 2016: the wedding day. Two star-crossed lovers had finally become aligned. As their close friend officiated, the two stared into each other’s eyes, everything else falling away. The rabbi read their vows, letters that Ron and Ann-Marie had written to him explaining why they loved one another. Ann-Marie could never imagine herself without Ron, her prince, her savior; she knew as they danced their first dance that she had loved him from the start and their love would grow stronger every day. Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (136)
The day of was moving.



Photography~Plain Jane Photography

Ceremony and Reception ~General’s Residence — Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

Bridal Gown~Amy Kushel

Rings~Custom designs from paternal family heirlooms

Ceremony Musicians~Thaleo String Quartet

Entertainment~DJ Alex Leon

Cinematograpy~El Nido Productions

Photo Booth~TNT entertainment

Catering~Chef Mark Gallagher

Cakes & Desserts~Sweet Escapes

Design, Floral, and Decor~Boheme Tipi Events

Event Coordinator~Boheme Tipi Events

Make up and Hair~MV Artistry Maria Vartanian

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Simple Rules for Announcing Your Engagement on Social Media

Social Media gives you nearly limitless options when it comes to announcing your engagement. Many couples turn to Facebook first to announce an engagement, with 28% of soon-to-be spouses updating their relationship status within hours and another 24% by the next day. However, many couples are turning towards Instagram to creatively announce their engagements. But with more ways to show off that ring and wonderful partner, you can also make a lot of social media mistakes — not the least of which is letting your announcement get lost on the wrong platform. Make your message stand out by avoiding these missteps.Karissa-Pearce-&-MacGregor-Goodhart-Wedding-Date--October-8,-2016-Kori-&-Jared-Photography Karissa-Pearce-&-MacGregor-Goodhart-Wedding-Date--October-8,-2016-Kori-&-Jared-Photography1Don’t neglect to tell your VIPs the old-fashioned way
Call your close friends and family before you post anything. They deserve to hear the great news straight from you, the traditional way.

Don’t get too personal
When announcing the engagement, some newly engaged couples have the urge to share every single detail of the proposal, including what happened before, during and after the question was popped. When you dish on so many details, you can unknowingly offend someone. Offenses include things as simple as disclosing those pet names you have for each other, sharing that uncomfortable description of the “best kiss of your life” after you said yes, or including details about those more salacious celebratory moments. Choose to omit or limit some of the more intimate details that may have been part of the proposal, and save those stories for a more private offline chat with friends or share them on your next girls’ night out

Don’t be tacky
Admittedly, we are used to sharing just about every detail of our lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks. But your friends and family really do not want you to broadcast how many carats your engagement ring is, or how much it cost your fiancé. Seriously, it’s a bit pretentious and totally tacky. Avoid clichéd photo captions like “I’m marrying my best friend.” It might be true, but people have heard it a thousand times. The last thing you want is for coworkers and acquaintances to roll their eyes as they learn the news.

Don’t choose the wrong platform
Avoid sharing your engagement announcement on business-related social networks or forums, such as LinkedIn. If business sites are the only platforms you use, instead wait until you’re married and have to make an official name change on your profiles, and use that opportunity to share news of your nuptials with your professional contacts.

Don’t post until you’re ready for everyone to know
The downside of social media is that it is easy to spread news fast! Avoid spending hours on damage control. Either go ahead and post a few quick pictures and follow up with something more elaborate later, or keep the news to yourself until you have a chance to make the proper rounds with the announcement. Mira-Jantz-Favorites-0011

Karissa Pearce & MacGregor Goodhart
Wedding Date::October 8, 2016
Kori & Jared Photography

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Featured Wedding~Amber & Tim Rasmussen

Married April 16, 2016

Garden BeautyView More:
First impressions are usually the best. So when Tim proposed to Amber in the same place as their first date, they knew that the impressions they had made on each other’s life was everlasting.View More:

Amber had heard that planning a wedding was tough, but to the bride’s surprise, she was met with very few challenges. Hiring vendors that were able to coordinate calmly and efficiently, Amber and Tim expressed their love for each other with a stunning Garden Beauty-themed wedding. Amber knew that capturing the big day was one of the most important details of the wedding, and was thrilled to work with Kori and Jared Photography.

View More:

Tim and Amber were married April 16th, 2016, in the luscious garden rooms at Bellindora House in Thornton, Ca. Enhancing the natural beauty and elegance of the venue, Amber kept her color pallette simple and neutral, incorporating different textures of foliage to bring the garden to life.View More:
All the work was worthwhile in order to create the most perfect day of their lives, which they would never forget. Keeping connected, present, patient, and happy, Mr. and Mrs. Rasmussen celebrated their union with family and friends.


Photography~Kori & Jared Photography
Ceremony and Reception~Bellindora House, Thornton, CA
Bridal Gown~Maggie Sottero
Rings~Shane & Co.
Favors~Planted herbs in pulp pots
DIY~Cake topper, Wine cork bar sign, Moss table numbers, Wood arbor

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