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The Newest Issue of Bridal Couture Magazine!

There are two types of brides in my opinion.
There are brides who have dreamed of their big day since they were little and got to be a flower girl in their cousin’s wedding. For years, they’ve had a Pinterest board dedicated to being a “Future Mrs. Fill-in-the-Blank,” with strong opinions about color trends like “blush and bashful” (a Steel Magnolias reference for any fans out there), and a pre-selected list of bridesmaids that pushes10 women, at least.

Then there are the brides who are doers more than dreamers; they know that they’ll get married one day, but they’ll figure out the details when the time is right…my dear friend Victoria Hill (Popoff) was this kind of bride and I am thrilled to have her as our Spring/Summer 2017 cover model.
In early 2016, her wonderful, then-boyfriend asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with him. There was no big secret planning of a surprise proposal, no traditional planning of how to ask the parents, not even a bended-knee.  All it took was one date, one deep conversation—and the race to the big day was on.

Victoria knew that planning a wedding would be a challenge, with all of the typical stuff…ceremony, flowers, cake, etc. But she had no idea where to start. And she didn’t have the slightest clue she would have to make so many decisions, back to back. Would she like anemones in her flower arrangements? Buttercream frosting or fondant? Elbow length or fingertip length veil?What I love about this issue of Bridal Couture Magazine is that whether you’re a dreamer or a doer we have pages and pages of inspiration, ideas and advice from the newly married couples we have featured. Brides on both ends of the spectrum—from the overly curious to the utterly clueless.  You may already have a photographer and a list of shots you want him or her to get. But are you prepared to pose for the perfect picture?

So relax, if you can, as you flip through and get some pointers, advice and ideas. And when the planning gets stressful, try to think back to the moment you said “yes,” and think ahead to the years of happiness and love you two will share.

~ Mira East

Photo:Aaron Draper


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