BCM’s Newly Engaged: Michelle Tomy & Bryan Deemer

Soon to Be Married on October 10, 2015

at Union Hill Inn, Sonora CaliforniaMichelle&BryanEngagements-1011Michelle had four years to decide on her vision for engagement pictures. She knew she wanted something different, edgy, something that reflected little bits of her gypsy side, and not too trendy. But most importantly something that represented her little family. Photo shoot took place at Folsom Lake.

When she saw the album cover for Lady Antebellum’s, Own the Night album, Michelle instantly knew that was going to be her inspiration for their engagement shoot. It was edgy yet still romantic, there was drama but it was subtle… and most importantly she said “it made black look pretty – and black is my clothing color of choice. It was perfect.”





When she couldn’t find the dress or anything close, she made her own. By made her own, she says, “I ordered two skirts from Amazon, layered them together for length and added a top (also from amazon). Oh and the best part is, the outfit came together the day before our shoot literally.”



At the very end of the shoot Bryan (the fiancé) pulled out his UC Berkeley letterman jacket and asked their photographer for just one picture of michelle in his lettermen jacket. She thought it was the cutest and sweetest thing ever. “It was a perfect way to end the shoot.” she says.

Michelle&BryanEngagements-1086Photography By: Elyse Alexandria 

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