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Every Bride Wants Stunning Lashes

Since the early 1900’s when the first set of temporary eyelash extensions were introduced women have been on the search for a way to make their eyelashes longer, darker and fuller, without the time consuming activity of putting on temporary lash extensions every morning.  Thus Semi-permanent lash extensions were born. All the beauty with less of the fuss, semi-permanent lash extensions have much longer wear times and are easy to maintain.  Lash extensions are the beauty industries hottest trend and with the recent introduction of volume lashes the trend has gotten even hotter.Lash Extensions by Nirvana

What exactly are eyelash extensions anyway? Eyelash extensions are individual lashes, made from sterilized high-grade PBT fiber, that come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, finishes, and curl types. Each individual lash is applied to one of your individual lashes with a medical-grade adhesive. Think of it as a manicure for your lashes. As your lash naturally sheds the eyelash extensions will shed with it and a new lash will grow in its place.

Each set of eyelash extensions is specifically tailored to the client. You should plan on your initial appointment running around two hours long and can cost anywhere between $150 to $350 depending on the volume and style you are looking to achieve.  I recommend you refill every three to four weeks, refills cost between $40 to $100.Lash Extensions by Nirvana

Selecting the right lash artist is important. Ensure that they are experienced and certified. Also beware of deals that sound too good to be true. The reason lash extensions are expensive in established salons is because of the high quality materials being used, the level of training that has been achieved and the amount of time it takes to create a quality pair of lash extensions.  Unfortunately you get what you pay for and sadly we have seen many women that have had their lashes ruined or had horrific allergic reactions because of theses bargain discounts.

Lash Extensions are a glamorous way to extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes, and are a practical, convenient and beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara. With looks ranging from girl next door to bombshell vixen lash
extensions are the perfect accessory.

By Tenille Rollins
Owner-Esthetician, Nirvana

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Not your average Yoga class

Did you catch RHONY this week… If you did not, LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, and Ramona Singer tried their hand at the latest craze in exercise, Aerial Yoga.

While their attempt might be a little more yoga-gone-bad, we have an Aerial Yoga expert right here in Modesto that will make you feel like you are Pink performing at the Grammy’s.Bridal Couture Magazine
Studio V Pilates & Fitness offers the new anti-gravity yoga that is a must try for all. More importantly it is a major stress-buster for those of you planning your weddings. Think Cirque du Soleil for gym-goers and yoga fans.

After an hour of swinging back and forth, flipping upside down and pushing your body in a whole new way, it’s hard not to leave the class with a big smile on your face. To take a test-spin, visit Studio V at this link.

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Make Her Swoon

Money doesn’t always buy Romance.
Ten easy and inexpensive ways to show her how you feel.

By Cody Azevedo

A major misconception that most men have is thinking that being romantic costs a lot of money, this couldn’t be further from the truth . The underlying factor behind being romantic is putting her desires ahead of your own.

It’s fairly simple to be romantic, but most men just don’t get it or they don’t want to put in the time and effort.  You can show your woman how much you truly love her without breaking the bank.

All you need are sweet, thoughtful and simple romantic gestures for her every now and then to keep the flame burning:

Erin&Josh-Grover Style Photography

1.   Create your own set of “Love Coupons”. This doesn’t require a lot of thought. Simple treats like a full body massage,  candle lit bathtub, or as simple as a movie night.
2.   Carry her to bed.
3.   Kiss outside in the rain.
4.   Place a single rose on her pillow.
5.   Have a warm bath towel ready for her when she gets out of the shower.
6.   Send her a random text that say’s, “Honey, I just wanted to tell you that you mean the world to me!”
7.   Make her chocolate covered strawberries and enjoy with a glass of wine.
8.   Go to the Post Office and mail her a handwritten card with all the things you love/appreciate about her.
9.   Rub her neck and shoulders after a tough day at work
10. Wake her up with her favorite breakfast in bed. Give her a good morning kiss and sit with her as she eats.

For more inexpensive romantic ideas please visit

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Health & Beauty::Fitness Bachelorette Parties

Trending Now!
Fitness Bachelorette Parties
Forget the all-night, binge-drinking, carb-stuffed parties. There is a new trend hitting the Valley for your ‘last single-girl’ night out with friends.  Customized workouts in private studios are gaining popularity everywhere. You can set your budget and work with the studio to provide your dream bachelorette party. Get Fit Inspiration Studio owner, Erica Hughes, designs a workout for you and your maids. She offers action-packed classes that can be created for any party. Looking to break the tension from all of your wedding planning? “Body Combat” can help you kick, punch and jab your stress away. If you want an extended bachelorette party, Hughes also offers “Bridal Boot Camp” for your wedding party so that you can workout together during the weeks leading up to the date of your nuptials.   BCM stopped by the Central Valley’s newest studio and discovered “hanging out” isn’t what it used to be.  It’s time to discover Aerial Yoga! Studio-V style.

“Hanging upside down looking at your bridesmaids while in Aerial Yoga will create a unique experience you’ll be able to talk about for years. Imagine the pictures!” Victoria Popoff, owner of Studio V Pilates & Fitness, explains. Silk hammocks make for a sexy combination as you twist your way up, down into back straddle, monkey and flying ninja.  Appetizers or desserts can be ordered through numerous local restaurants and delivered to the studio for post-workout nosh. The bride is catered to, while you remember every moment of your bachelorette party. If aerial yoga may be too much for your chakra, you can select a private Zumba session with your favorite songs or a reformer Pilates workout with a wedding themed play list. The beauty of having it at a studio is that a small, intimate atmosphere can be created to suit the bride and her individual friends. You can work with the owner to design a perfect, memorable day to meet your distinct needs and there won’t be any need for hangover remedies the next day.

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