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Simple Rules for Announcing Your Engagement on Social Media

Social Media gives you nearly limitless options when it comes to announcing your engagement. Many couples turn to Facebook first to announce an engagement, with 28% of soon-to-be spouses updating their relationship status within hours and another 24% by the next day. However, many couples are turning towards Instagram to creatively announce their engagements. But with more ways to show off that ring and wonderful partner, you can also make a lot of social media mistakes — not the least of which is letting your announcement get lost on the wrong platform. Make your message stand out by avoiding these missteps.Karissa-Pearce-&-MacGregor-Goodhart-Wedding-Date--October-8,-2016-Kori-&-Jared-Photography Karissa-Pearce-&-MacGregor-Goodhart-Wedding-Date--October-8,-2016-Kori-&-Jared-Photography1Don’t neglect to tell your VIPs the old-fashioned way
Call your close friends and family before you post anything. They deserve to hear the great news straight from you, the traditional way.

Don’t get too personal
When announcing the engagement, some newly engaged couples have the urge to share every single detail of the proposal, including what happened before, during and after the question was popped. When you dish on so many details, you can unknowingly offend someone. Offenses include things as simple as disclosing those pet names you have for each other, sharing that uncomfortable description of the “best kiss of your life” after you said yes, or including details about those more salacious celebratory moments. Choose to omit or limit some of the more intimate details that may have been part of the proposal, and save those stories for a more private offline chat with friends or share them on your next girls’ night out

Don’t be tacky
Admittedly, we are used to sharing just about every detail of our lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks. But your friends and family really do not want you to broadcast how many carats your engagement ring is, or how much it cost your fiancé. Seriously, it’s a bit pretentious and totally tacky. Avoid clichéd photo captions like “I’m marrying my best friend.” It might be true, but people have heard it a thousand times. The last thing you want is for coworkers and acquaintances to roll their eyes as they learn the news.

Don’t choose the wrong platform
Avoid sharing your engagement announcement on business-related social networks or forums, such as LinkedIn. If business sites are the only platforms you use, instead wait until you’re married and have to make an official name change on your profiles, and use that opportunity to share news of your nuptials with your professional contacts.

Don’t post until you’re ready for everyone to know
The downside of social media is that it is easy to spread news fast! Avoid spending hours on damage control. Either go ahead and post a few quick pictures and follow up with something more elaborate later, or keep the news to yourself until you have a chance to make the proper rounds with the announcement. Mira-Jantz-Favorites-0011

Karissa Pearce & MacGregor Goodhart
Wedding Date::October 8, 2016
Kori & Jared Photography

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Newly Engaged~Bianca & Alexis

The perfect summer engagement session!

Photo by one of BCM’s preferred vendors, William Khoury Photography

Bianca & Alexis will be married September 3, 2016.

Photo by: William Khoury Photography

Photo by: William Khoury Photography

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Newly Engaged~Tara Gosik & Clifford Shaw

Introducing one of our newly engaged couples.

Tara Gosik & Clifford Shaw

Wedding Date:: September 10, 2016
Photographed by Greg Petersen
Cliff + Tara - Greg Petersen-17

Cliff + Tara - Greg Petersen-44Cliff + Tara - Greg Petersen-4Cliff + Tara - Greg Petersen-33

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Newly Engaged ~ Nicole Goeppert & Matt Seibert

June 25, 2016

The River Mill, French Camp CA

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According to the soon to be bride, the engagement had been a long time coming. They were both were determined to finish college and start their careers before they settled down. They finally did both! Nicole is a 6th grade teacher and Matt is in sales and does accounting work.

On April 25, 2015, Matt and Nicole finally decided to move in together. They found a little place in Salida, California. The night they moved in, Matt proposed in their backyard with candles and champagne. “It was such a big surprise,” says Nicole. “It was just the two of us. It was perfect – exactly how I envisioned it should be.” He made sure her sister was home from college and that all of their immediate family were there to celebrate after the proposal.

“We can’t wait for June 25th! Our night will be filled with family, love, friends, and drinks!” 

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Congratulations Nicole and Matt! Happy Planning. 

Photo Credit: Three Little Birds Photography

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Newly Engaged ~ Ronnee Peralta & Preston Mattos

October 23, 2015

Pageo Lavendar Farm


Preston and Ronnee met the summer of 8th grade. They instantly became great friends and found each other head over heels in love during the middle of their Sophomore year of high school. They knew it was a forever kind of deal instantly. They graduated high school together, went to college together, experienced life’s hardships together, supported each other with their career choices as a Registered Nurse and a Firefighter, and now they are onto the next milestone of sealing the deal with a wedding.



For Ronnee’s 24th birthday in March, Preston picked her up from a long shift at the hospital to take her to their favorite place, Lake Tahoe, for her birthday weekend. He booked a room at a small hotel they usually stay at and little did she know, her dad had set up the hotel room for their arrival. Preston opened the door for her to the hotel and she dropped everything and instantly started crying as this was a moment she had dreamt of since she was 16 years old. The room had candles lit everywhere and on the bed in rose petals, it read: “Will You Marry Me?” Preston dropped to one knee with a stunning oval diamond and asked if Ronnee would marry him.  She said, “It all felt like a complete dream” and it took her a little while to figure out that it was real. Ronnee Said, “With no hesitation, I said yes. It was the best moment of my life.”


The Soon to be Bride also told us, “Our adventure as husband and wife begins October 23rd, 2015. We decided on a fall wedding at Pageo Lavender Farms in Turlock. Our style is simple, organic, free-spirited, and romantic. We chose a neutral color palette with lots of greenery included. We want it to be casual and fun as our personalities are very easy-going! We cannot wait until October!”


Congratulations Ronnee & Preston! Your big day will be wonderful.

Photography: Melissa Kay Photography & Jillian Gorman Photography

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