Newly Engaged ~ Ronnee Peralta & Preston Mattos

October 23, 2015

Pageo Lavendar Farm


Preston and Ronnee met the summer of 8th grade. They instantly became great friends and found each other head over heels in love during the middle of their Sophomore year of high school. They knew it was a forever kind of deal instantly. They graduated high school together, went to college together, experienced life’s hardships together, supported each other with their career choices as a Registered Nurse and a Firefighter, and now they are onto the next milestone of sealing the deal with a wedding.



For Ronnee’s 24th birthday in March, Preston picked her up from a long shift at the hospital to take her to their favorite place, Lake Tahoe, for her birthday weekend. He booked a room at a small hotel they usually stay at and little did she know, her dad had set up the hotel room for their arrival. Preston opened the door for her to the hotel and she dropped everything and instantly started crying as this was a moment she had dreamt of since she was 16 years old. The room had candles lit everywhere and on the bed in rose petals, it read: “Will You Marry Me?” Preston dropped to one knee with a stunning oval diamond and asked if Ronnee would marry him.  She said, “It all felt like a complete dream” and it took her a little while to figure out that it was real. Ronnee Said, “With no hesitation, I said yes. It was the best moment of my life.”


The Soon to be Bride also told us, “Our adventure as husband and wife begins October 23rd, 2015. We decided on a fall wedding at Pageo Lavender Farms in Turlock. Our style is simple, organic, free-spirited, and romantic. We chose a neutral color palette with lots of greenery included. We want it to be casual and fun as our personalities are very easy-going! We cannot wait until October!”


Congratulations Ronnee & Preston! Your big day will be wonderful.

Photography: Melissa Kay Photography & Jillian Gorman Photography

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