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Real Wedding ~ Rebecca & Adam

Married September 24, 2016     

After months of house shopping, Rebecca and Adam decided to drive by one of Rebecca’s favorite homes on the market. As they pulled up, Rebecca was heartbroken to see the house had a “Sale Pending” sign. Adam convinced Rebecca to take one last look, just in case. Rebecca walked in and was immediately greeted by two banners. “Welcome Home,” and “The Schott’s”.

She turned to find Adam on bended knee. During his heartfelt proposal, Adam told Rebecca a story she had never heard. Days before Rebecca’s father had passed away, Adam asked for her father’s blessing. A year later, he decided to purchase the house of her dreams as a surprise. Rebecca was overwhelmed with joy.

Planning kicked in immediately with help from Rebecca and Adam’s mothers. “I went to a bridal store in Campbell, CA and thought I found my dream dress. It was the third dress I tried on, explains Rebecca.” “When we went back three months later to pick it up. I put it on and I just felt so upset. It wasn’t my dress. My mom knew something was wrong and told me we would find the right wedding gown. The next day we made an appointment at Mira Bridal Couture and I found my dream dress within minutes. It was the most beautiful dress I’d ever seen and I felt like Cinderella in it. I still am so in love with it! Mira saved my wedding.” From that point on, all if the wedding planing was simple.

For their wedding venue, Rebecca and Adam booked the Galas Barn in Oakdale, CA.  Shades of lavender were selected for the bridesmaids and blush pink and ivory for the floral arrangements. “I have simple and clean taste which played a big role in my decorating and I wanted the least amount of clutter as possible,” says Rebecca. Simplicity was key. “Our wedding was perfect and exactly how we wanted it to be. It truly was the best night ever.”

Images: Ashley Crook Photography   /   Bride’s attire: Essense of Australia from Mira Bridal Couture   /   Bridesmaids attire: Bill Levkoff   /   Groom’s attire: Vito’s Tuxedos   /   Florist: Country Shelf Floral   /   Entertainment: DJ Rod Riley   /   Videographer: White Raven   /   Rings: Rogers Jewelers   /   Caterer: La Huerta Vieja   /   Photo booth: Treadwell Photo Booth   /   Cake: Dawn Hamman   /   Stationery: Dainty Arrow Designs

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Featured Wedding~Kayleigh & Jeremy Leaver

Married October 3, 2015

The Price Ranch, Waterford, CA

Plain Jane PhotographyKayleigh Jeremy Leaver Plain Jane Photography Formals (75)

Kayleigh Jeremy Leaver Plain Jane Photography Ceremony (16)Kayleigh Jeremy Leaver Plain Jane Photography Ceremony (18)

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Featured Wedding ~ Ann-Marie & Ron Mattis

Star-Crossed Love of a Lifetime

Ann-Marie & Ron Mattis
Married June 11, 2016Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (108)

Being pelted with a snowball is usually not the way the average person meets and falls in love, but Ann-Marie and Ron Mattis were star-crossed lovers, and their love would be nothing short of extraordinary.

Ann-Marie met Ron in an Irish Pub in San Francisco, her heart thumping as she saw him walk through the door. He was tall, handsome, and had a smile that stretched from ear to ear. Sitting down next to her, they talked all night, laughing hysterically and enjoying one another’s company. When Ann-Marie had to depart, they promised to keep in touch. She never knew that Ron would be entwined in her heart for life. Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (97)
Ron and Ann-Marie had crossed paths many times in their lives. Surprisingly, Ron and Ann-Marie found out that they had been neighbors in Cape Cod, MA, as children. Later on in life, both worked the same profession in the city and had even shared 40 work accounts together. Co-workers would constantly tell them that they should meet. But fate has a funny way with timing. Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (71)
As Ann-Marie and Ron grew more serious in their relationship, Ann-Marie’s future changed right before her eyes, and her love for Ron grew every day. They moved in together after 4 months of being in a relationship, neither having lived with a significant other before in their lives. They both were surprised at how easy it was! When Ron finally asked for Ann-Marie’s hand in marriage, she was shocked. She never knew that she could love someone as much as the man kneeling down before her, promising to love her forever as she already did him. Ann-Marie happily accepted and was overjoyed to know that she would soon marry her best friend.

Planning a wedding was more than difficult for the couple, several disasters adding stress and disappointment to the process. However, their photographer, Sara Malough was a bright and shining light who captured the intense and beautiful love between the two. Her amazing work kept Ann-Marie happy and less stressed, and with some help from Boheme Tipi Events, Ron and Ann-Marie were able to keep their focus on what was truly important: the deep and true love they had for one another. Keeping their love strong, they were able to overcome their difficulties and produce their classical and vintage wedding.Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (121) June 11th, 2016: the wedding day. Two star-crossed lovers had finally become aligned. As their close friend officiated, the two stared into each other’s eyes, everything else falling away. The rabbi read their vows, letters that Ron and Ann-Marie had written to him explaining why they loved one another. Ann-Marie could never imagine herself without Ron, her prince, her savior; she knew as they danced their first dance that she had loved him from the start and their love would grow stronger every day. Ann-Marie Ron Mattis Plain Jane Photography (136)
The day of was moving.



Photography~Plain Jane Photography

Ceremony and Reception ~General’s Residence — Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

Bridal Gown~Amy Kushel

Rings~Custom designs from paternal family heirlooms

Ceremony Musicians~Thaleo String Quartet

Entertainment~DJ Alex Leon

Cinematograpy~El Nido Productions

Photo Booth~TNT entertainment

Catering~Chef Mark Gallagher

Cakes & Desserts~Sweet Escapes

Design, Floral, and Decor~Boheme Tipi Events

Event Coordinator~Boheme Tipi Events

Make up and Hair~MV Artistry Maria Vartanian

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Kerrie & Keith Schroyer

Married August 30th, 2014

Meet Kerrie & Keith Shroyer.

Keith and Kerrie got engaged on February 16th in San Francisco at Crissy Field. The couple had gone to this very spot overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge on multiple occasions to picnic and enjoy the coastal breeze. Keith completely surprised Kerrie with the proposal, and captured the incredible moment by having his brother in disguise take pictures as it all played out.

View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-08-31-keith--kerrie-wedding-collection

The wedding planning process, of only 6 short months, went by incredibly fast. Kerrie selected the perfect dress on March 1st, before the couple had even chosen a location. Keith and Kerrie had the most trouble with choosing a location and had some venues laugh when we said we wanted a 2014 date. When we found Spring Creek, they knew right away that this was the location. The staff, the food, everything was perfect.

View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-08-31-keith--kerrie-wedding-collection

The inspiration for the look for the couple’s celebration came from Kerrie’s love of rustic and Keith’s sophisticated, classic, almost-vintage taste. The one element Kerrie knew she wanted was a special car. Her uncle has a collection of old vintage cars, and as soon as she was engaged Kerrie asked him if she could borrow one to drive in on with her dad. He knew immediately which car he wanted to lend them – a beautifully restored 1949 convertible Cadillac.

View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-08-31-keith--kerrie-wedding-collection

Kerrie’s favorite part of the wedding was walking down the aisle and seeing her future husband’s face – she had never seen him smile so big. The best part of the planning process was probably seeing the vision they both had come to life. Keith and Kerrie also enjoyed being a part of the planning process together, where they learned to make decisions together, as a team.

View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-08-31-keith--kerrie-wedding-collection


Photography Kori & Jared Photography 209.253.8021 KoriandJared.com

Ceremony & Reception location Spring Creek Golf & Country Club Ripon, CA 209.599.3258 SpringCreekCC.com

Bridal Gown Essense of Australia Mira Bridal Couture MiraBridal.com 209.338.9333

Florist: Country Shelf

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Hilary & Daniel Price

Married October 18, 2014Hilary-Leffler-&-Daniel-Price-October-18,-2014-Bliss-Fotography92Though the wedding of Hilary Leffler and Daniel Price culminated in a breathtaking fireworks display, the beginning of their relationship was more like a gentle smolder.  “Danny and I met at work, of all places, and things slowly developed from there,” explains Hilary.  With Danny’s shy disposition and Hilary’s mom being his boss, the start-up for the couple was a little complicated.  However, friends became best friends, best friends became more, and the rest all eventually fell into perfect place.

Hilary-Leffler-&-Daniel-Price-October-18,-2014-Bliss-Fotography67Engaged in March of 2014, the couple decided on a fall wedding.  Planning, therefore, began in earnest.  Trusting Hilary’s vision implicitly, Danny left most of the design to his fiancée, but was present for the food tastings.Hilary-Leffler-&-Daniel-Price-October-18,-2014-Bliss-Fotography95The couple was very committed to getting married at ‘home,’ in the church in which Hilary was raised and Dan had joined.  The Greek Orthodox Church meant so much to the couple due to its sacred traditions and beautiful Greek ceremony.  They felt immensely blessed to be able to have their wedding there.Hilary-Leffler-&-Daniel-Price-October-18,-2014-Bliss-Fotography101Hilary-Leffler-&-Daniel-Price-October-18,-2014-Bliss-Fotography107The theme for the decorations initially came from the linens from La Tavola, and that gave Hilary inspiration to use gold, black, and white décor elements.  Hilary envisioned having the entire room draped and then up-lighted to entirely transform the space. Hilary-Leffler-&-Daniel-Price-October-18,-2014-Bliss-Fotography117

Hilary-Leffler-&-Daniel-Price-October-18,-2014-Bliss-Fotography115Tammy, their coordinator, switched the chandeliers at Del Rio with white lanterns to continue the warm and elegant feel the ceremony began and reception would continue.  Tammy also surprised the couple by designing their initials into the center of the parquet black and white dance floor, which was such a personal touch.  The flowers were designed to be artistic and simple, using a variety of levels and assortment of flowers on the tables.

One of Hilary’s favorite elements of the wedding was her dress.  She initially found the design online and sent it to Mira at Mira Bridal Couture to see if it could be brought in.  Mira’s answer was destiny.  She had just gotten the dress into the store and pulled it to reserve it for Hilary.  The bride-to-be came in for her appointment, fell in love with the dress, picked out shoes and accessories, and called it a day.  Hilary explains, “That dress was the reason I felt like a bride on my wedding day.  It was beautiful, magical, and helped set the tone for the entire day.  Mira did an awesome job, and I am so grateful.”

Because everyone that was invited to share in Hilary and Dan’s day had had some impact on each of their lives, they wanted to give their guests an experience they would never forget.  The attire was black tie, each guest got a personalized menu, and the tables were draped in gold-sequined floor-length cloths.  As guests arrived at the reception they were greeted by the Men’s A Cappella Group from UC Berkeley.  The patio and hallway were laden with gourmet cheese presentations from O’Brien’s and an endless assortment of traditional Greek treats.  Guests were treated to ice carvings of the couple’s names, vintage furniture positioned on the lawn under canopies of white lanterns, and a poet that typed personalized poems on a classic typewriter for each and every guest.Hilary-Leffler-&-Daniel-Price-October-18,-2014-Bliss-Fotography142Oh yes, and the guests shared in the grand finale firework show that symbolized the love of a couple that had started slowly, but that was now a breathtaking example for all of their friends and family.Hilary-Leffler-&-Daniel-Price-October-18,-2014-Bliss-Fotography136



Bliss Fotography

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
Modesto, CA

Del Rio Country Club
Modesto, CA

WTOO by Watters
Mira Bridal Couture

Maid of Honor, Zac Posen
Bridesmaids, Monique Lhuillier and Jenny Yoo

Calvin Klein

Edward’s Jewelers

Weddings by Guru

Acapella Group, UC Berkeley Men’s Octet
Electric Violinist, Gabi Holzwarth
Live Band, Notorious

Lights & Draping, Event Pros Productions
Linens, La Tavola Fine Linen Rental
Furniture & Seating, Hatmann Studios & The Find Rentals

Just Cake, Marina Sousa

Handmade Greek Pastries

Infinite Creations

Tammy Cunha,Infinite Creations
Amber Allen & Katie Root, Del Rio Country Club

Custom Save the Dates, Invitations, Programs, Table Numbers, Personalized Menu Cards, & Napkins
Paper Habit

Creative Stitches

Kelly Carraway, Gloss Salon

Cigar Bands, iCustomLabel, Etsy.com
Seating chart etched on glass and cigar bar sign, BeeCuriousDesigns, Etsy.com

Watch, Edward’s Jewelers

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