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Alicia & Lena Wheeler

Married November 12, 2013

Lena + Alicia WeddingPlanning a wedding involves months (sometimes years) of endless details, pressing deadlines, family drama and—far too often—enough stress to make you just want to elope. Not for Alicia and Lena. Following an 8 year courtship, Alicia and Lena decided on 11-12-13, giving them just eight days to plan their nuptials.Lena + Alicia Wedding
Lena easily recalls sitting at lunch on November 4th and begging Alicia to elope, tossing her destination ideas, locations, painting extravagant pictures of what their honeymoon would look like if they just “bagged the whole wedding ordeal.” No matter what she said, she could not convince Alicia to buy into her intricate vision. Alicia could not carry out such an important moment without her friends and family. Lena’s strong spontaneous streak and an irresistible impulsive nature, alongside her obsession with unique number combinations, made the date 11-12-13 an obvious choice and Lena declared to Alicia that this had to be the date. A compromise was reached and with the generous help of a close circle of friends the wedding date set and preparations put in motion.
Planning for Alicia was difficult because she had a full work schedule during the week of all the decisions being made.  Lena took care of all the details and made every difficult decision. Concetta was Lena’s very first stop, as nothing is more important to the couple than food and wine.   They were thrilled that Paul Tremayne agreed to host the reception at Concetta, as it is their absolute favorite spot to dine in Modesto.  Their close friend Tiffani helped Alicia pick out her dress and had it altered 4 days before the wedding.
“My hair and makeup were done that morning and all I had left to do was slip into my dress and show up,” explained Alicia.  More of their close-knit friends, Julie, Marci, and Scott, arranged the set-up of the ceremony site, complete with a champagne station while Shannon, Diane, and Rachel arranged flowers in antique milk bottles, strung white lights, and hung pennants at Concetta.Lena + Alicia WeddingLena arrived as everyone would have expected, a few minutes late and riding across Kewin Park on her cruiser bike with their two dogs, Porter and Pippa, trotting by her side.  Friends and family immediately burst out in cheers as she took her place adjacent to their friend and Minister, Kate Trompetter.Lena + Alicia WeddingAs Alicia made her way down the long staircase escorted by her parents, the group circled around the altar and joined Lena in drying tears of joy.  “My bride, Alicia, was beyond breathtaking and our nuptials unfolded exactly how I hoped they would.”  Lena looks back at the eight-day planning process and references the 1991 American comedy “Father of the Bride.”  “At one point or another, I identified with each character in the film but mostly, I identified with George Banks.  I did my fair share of complaining about the mounting cost of everything and wasted a lot of time wondering why in the heck we couldn’t just elope.”Lena + Alicia WeddingLena shares her thoughts for other newly engaged couples going through the motions of planning their special day. “Get married.  Get married in the company of your family members who may or may not be around next year.  Get married and gather your friends around you.  Their presence will strengthen your union and deepen your bond.  They will rally around you and do things that make you wonder what amount of good you ever did in this life to be so incredibly lucky.”


Photography::Alison Yin Photography

Ceremony Location::Kewin Park, Modesto, CA

Reception Location::Concetta, Modesto, CA

Bridal Gown::Alfred Angelo

Rings::Platinum Diamond Band by Ivan Gems
Vintage Signet Ring by Fluer de Lis

Florist::Janet’s Flower ‘s

Catering::Paul Tremayne of Concetta

Sounds System::Russell Irwin

Cinematography::El Nido Cinematography

Wedding Cupcakes::Frost

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Carissa & Brittney England

Married March 22, 2013Brittney & Carrisa England_BridalCoutureMag
Six months after meeting through mutual friends, Carissa and Brittney’s romantic love story began-over a bowl of fried ice cream. “The story changes depending on whose telling it,” revealed Carissa.  Brittney recalls Carissa showing up to a friendly lunch and ordering dessert rather than an entrée suggesting that what Carissa really wanted was to spend time with Brittney.  Carissa playfully contests that she just really likes the dish.  Regardless of how their relationship began, the couple say that they fell in love soon after.Brittney & Carrisa England_BridalCoutureMagBrittney & Carrisa England_BridalCoutureMagBrittney & Carrisa England_BridalCoutureMag
After becoming engaged, the couple faced unique obstacles to their marriage because of the issue of marriage equality in California. “When you become engaged, there are sad, uncomfortable, and unavoidable questions like, are you engaged indefinitely until same-sex marriage is legally recognized?” the couple noted.  According to the couple, “becoming domestic partners… definitely [felt] like settling for second-class status.”  Despite the legal barriers, Carissa and Brittney knew they wanted to make a life-long commitment to each other and so they began planning their dream wedding.Brittney & Carrisa England_BridalCoutureMag
Brittney always dreamed of having a large wedding.  She valued more traditional wedding practices, such as not seeing Carissa’s dress before the wedding.  On the other hand, Carissa wanted a more intimate ceremony.  Her vision was a more modern approach to the affair as evidenced by her feather-bodice dress.  The two met a happy compromise with a medium sized wedding and a co-ed wedding party.Brittney & Carrisa England_BridalCoutureMag
The wedding décor was in black and white with deep red accents which the  florist described as a combination of drama and romance.  Guests enjoyed several personal touches created by the couple such as the cigar bar accompanied by custom matchbooks and mini Gallo Cabernet wine bottles personalized  by Carissa and Brittney with some of their favorite pictures.  Carissa and her son, Ethan, walked down the aisle to the sounds of a harpist.  With their hands bound together, Brittney and Carissa exchanged individually-written vows of love and devotion.  Brittney also exchanged vows and a gift with Carissa’s son.Brittney & Carrisa England_BridalCoutureMag    Brittney & Carrisa England_BridalCoutureMag
Though their wedding took place in March, Carissa and Brittney participated in their official ceremony on July 1st, after proposition 8 was overturned in  California, thus allowing the state of California to recognize their love and commitment to each other as equal and legal.

Nfinity Photo

The Estate Room, The Palms  Event Center

The Ballroom, The Palms Event Center

Bridal Gown
Mira Bridal Couture

Wedding Party Dresses
Mira Bridal Couture

Suits  & Tuxedos
Mira Bridal Couture,
Express, & Men’s Wearhouse

Wedding Cake
Cake Delight

S’mores Bar
Baby Cakes & Co.

The Flower House Design Studio

Krista Strader

Johnny & Kelly

Photo Booth
The Platinum Photo Booth

El Nido Cinematography

Chandelier & Drapery
Fantasy Sound Event Services

Beets Hospitality Group

Valley Printing

Hair Stylist
Kate Soderstrom, To Dye For Hair Studio

Katie C. Make-Up Artist

Sewing & More

Never a Dull Moment from EL NIDO PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

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Carissa & Brittney England

Married March 22, 2013
Palms Events Center in the Vineyard, Pleasanton, Ca.Carrisa & Brittney England_BridalCoutureMag
We are so excited to share the wedding day of Carissa and Brittney England. Thank you to El Nido Productions for capturing such intimate moments and thoughts from everyone important to Carissa & Brittney.
For more on this couple look for our Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Bridal Couture Magazine out in July. Images by Nfinity Pro.

Never a Dull Moment from EL NIDO PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

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Kate Trompetter & David Rogers

Married  June 2, 2012

It seemed like the Facebook wires were burning up covering Kate’s wedding.  No, not Kate Middleton.  On June 2, 2012 the Facebook feeds were busy streaming several delightful details (and photos) of the ceremony uniting Kate Trompetter to David Rogers.

Chances are, with 300 guests in attendance, mostly local vendors providing all services for the celebration, and the couple’s level of involvement in the community, many BCM readers will have already heard about Dave and Kate’s day.

Yet word-of-mouth and social networking could never capture the intimate and personalized particulars of a party that was planned as a celebration of relationships.  Only the couple could provide those, and they agreed to share them with BCM.

A point of pride for both Dave and Kate was that no MC was needed for the event.  “It all came together seamlessly,” explained Dave.  “From the mingling, to the ceremony, to the toasts, it all just flowed.”  It’s a modest statement coming from the drummer who kicked off the festivities by marching in with a drum line.Kate&Dave-BridalCoutureMag-FeaturedWedding

Dave described the reason for inviting Enochs High to play their cadence with him for his entrance as “a way to make our guests aware that the ceremony was starting.   We didn’t want to have someone get on the microphone and say ‘please move to the chuppah so that the ceremony can begin.’  The battery was a surprise to most everyone, although Kate admits “I probably only kept it a secret from about 90% of our guests.”Kate&Dave-Fall2012-BridalCoutureMagazine-feature

After making his way in through the crowd of their family and friends, Dave joined Kate under the chuppah and the ceremony commenced with Marci D’Arpino officiating.  The couple had made the decision to not have chairs for the ceremony so their guests stood (for less than 15 minutes) as the vows were read and rings were exchanged.  The vows were adapted from a poem Dave’s father had written for Dave’s mother in 1972.  Kate’s and Dave’s wedding rings were ones they had made themselves with the help of the Wedding Ring Experience.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, Dave broke the traditional glass by stomping on it.  The glass was a gift and came in a pouch that gives Kate and Dave the option to send it back to the vendor, who will turn around and make it into a mezuzah for the couple’s home.Kate & Dave_Bridal Couture Magazine-feature

Another unique element to Kate and Dave’s day?  “We chose not to have a wedding party,” Kate explained, “but toasted our ‘inner circle’ of about 30 of our closest family and friends in an intimate moment prior to the official ceremony.”

To hear the couple give an account of their reception, or party portion of the day, gives the sense that excellent food and exceptional music were the evening’s aim.  The menu was designed by Paul Tremayne of Concetta and included (but wasn’t limited to) poached salmon, ribs, ravioli, beets, and watermelon salad.  Pure Love Baking provided the desserts of vegan mini cupcakes and vegan mini donuts which were served with exquisite coffee from Serrano Social Club.

While three quarters of the guests dined at “farm tables” provided by JCD Atmospheric Studios, everyone else got to pick a blanket from a basket and enjoy the meal picnic-style.  “It was so amazing to walk around and see families, little kids, all gathered on blankets enjoying the food and time together,” said Kate.

Music was just as sensational as the food.  Neil Buettner, who introduced the couple, was on-hand to perform the song for the first dance.  Dave and Kate danced to Neil’s arrangement of the Beatles’ “Here, There, Everywhere.”  Music for the evening’s festivities was performed by local band Hot Club Faux Gitane and a band out of San Francisco, Big City Revue.Kate Trompetter&David Rogers-BridalCouturemagazine-feature 2012

Perhaps the most special musical moment of the evening, however, came when friend Jeff Bonilla unveiled his arrangement of “Stand by Me,” which he wrote in the style of the “Playing for Change” movement.  Each separate musician, all friends, came in at a different moment in the song until all were performing together to produce an almost symphonic sound.Kate&Dave-bridalCoutureMagazine-featuredwedding-fall2012

Kate and Dave admit that the feedback they have received in the weeks since their wedding has been overwhelming and humbling.  Their guests had an amazing time and were touched by the inclusion of Dave’s sons, Zyan and Seth, in the ceremony.  The couple also explained that though the wedding was their vision, the actual implementation of the vision was made entirely possible by Kate’s mom, Dawn Cunningham.  “Everyone who was involved with this wedding got a list from my mom,” Kate shared.
When asked what thoughts came to mind as they relived their day, Kate and Dave had a few practical tips and a couple of profound insights.

Because they started early it was easy for them to stay with local and organic vendors.  They were able to make welcome baskets for out of town guests with products procured entirely from Farmer’s Market.Kate&Dave_Details-featuredBridalCoutureMagazine2012

Dave shared the thought that came to his mind frequently was that it was so important during planning to stay calm and remember that no matter how much work goes into it, nothing will ever be ‘perfect’ but it will be the couple’s perfect day.Kate&Dave-friends&family_BridalCoutureMagazine
And the thought that sprang to Kate’s mind?  “It felt like everything good Dave and I had ever done in our lives came back to us at our wedding.  It was beautiful and very touching.”Kate Trompetter&David Rogers-BridalCouturemagazine-feature 2012

For more on Kate Trompetter & David Rogers wedding, pick up a copy of the latest issue of Bridal Couture Magazine.

Photography::Nine by 9 Photography & Wheeler & Williams Photography
Venue::Private Residence
Bride’s Fashion::Mira Bridal Couture
Dinner::Paul Tremayne, Concetta
Desserts::Pure Love Baking
Coffee::Serrano Social Club
Day of Coordinator::Nicole Smith
Event Décor and Set up::JCD Atmospheric Studios, Inc.                                                    Hair & Make up Artist::Kristin Noelle
Reception Entertainment::Hot Club Faux Gitane & Big City Revue
Additional Music::Neil Buettner
Drumline::Enochs High School Marching Band
Cinematography::El Nido Cinematography
Invitations::Julie Orona, Never Boring Designs

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Kate Trompetter & David Rogers Married June 2, 2012

Dave shared the thought that came to his mind frequently was that it was so important during planning to stay calm and remember that no matter how much work goes into it, nothing will ever be ‘perfect’ but it will be the couple’s perfect day.
And the thought that sprang to Kate’s mind?  “It felt like everything good Dave and I had ever done in our lives came back to us at our wedding.  It was beautiful and very touching.”

Congratulations Kate & Dave.

A sneak peak of one of our Featured Weddings in the next issue of Bridal Couture Magazine. Thank you El Nido Cinematography, you captured the love, laughter, and emotions throughout the entire day.

Kate & Dave Feature from EL NIDO PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.


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