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Real Wedding ~ Rebecca & Adam

Married September 24, 2016     

After months of house shopping, Rebecca and Adam decided to drive by one of Rebecca’s favorite homes on the market. As they pulled up, Rebecca was heartbroken to see the house had a “Sale Pending” sign. Adam convinced Rebecca to take one last look, just in case. Rebecca walked in and was immediately greeted by two banners. “Welcome Home,” and “The Schott’s”.

She turned to find Adam on bended knee. During his heartfelt proposal, Adam told Rebecca a story she had never heard. Days before Rebecca’s father had passed away, Adam asked for her father’s blessing. A year later, he decided to purchase the house of her dreams as a surprise. Rebecca was overwhelmed with joy.

Planning kicked in immediately with help from Rebecca and Adam’s mothers. “I went to a bridal store in Campbell, CA and thought I found my dream dress. It was the third dress I tried on, explains Rebecca.” “When we went back three months later to pick it up. I put it on and I just felt so upset. It wasn’t my dress. My mom knew something was wrong and told me we would find the right wedding gown. The next day we made an appointment at Mira Bridal Couture and I found my dream dress within minutes. It was the most beautiful dress I’d ever seen and I felt like Cinderella in it. I still am so in love with it! Mira saved my wedding.” From that point on, all if the wedding planing was simple.

For their wedding venue, Rebecca and Adam booked the Galas Barn in Oakdale, CA.  Shades of lavender were selected for the bridesmaids and blush pink and ivory for the floral arrangements. “I have simple and clean taste which played a big role in my decorating and I wanted the least amount of clutter as possible,” says Rebecca. Simplicity was key. “Our wedding was perfect and exactly how we wanted it to be. It truly was the best night ever.”

Images: Ashley Crook Photography   /   Bride’s attire: Essense of Australia from Mira Bridal Couture   /   Bridesmaids attire: Bill Levkoff   /   Groom’s attire: Vito’s Tuxedos   /   Florist: Country Shelf Floral   /   Entertainment: DJ Rod Riley   /   Videographer: White Raven   /   Rings: Rogers Jewelers   /   Caterer: La Huerta Vieja   /   Photo booth: Treadwell Photo Booth   /   Cake: Dawn Hamman   /   Stationery: Dainty Arrow Designs

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Vanessa & Zac Swanson

Married May 31, 2014View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-05-31-zac--vanessa-600
The real story began December 2008 at the City of Riverbank’s Benefit Faire where Zac and Vanessa met for the first time. After they exchanged a few rounds of playful eye contact and flirty smiles, with a little help from his fellow fire fighters Zac finally got the nerve to ask Vanessa for her phone number. Vanessa tried playing hard to get and said she could not get calls at work.  After another attempt, Vanessa agreed to meet Zac at the station when she got off work.  She kept her word and showed up at the station, and after a quick conversation, Vanessa finally gave in and gave Zac her number.View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-05-31-zac--vanessa-600

After Vanessa graduated college in 2011, she became very antsy about the next steps in their relationship. Zac assured Vanessa things would progress, however he wanted to make sure Vanessa was settled into her new job before they mentioned the topic of marriage. They had already purchased a home one year prior and Vanessa was ready. Towards the end of the 2012 fire season Zac had Vanessa convinced the proposal was not going to happen that year.

View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-05-31-zac--vanessa-600View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-05-31-zac--vanessa-600In the presence of 40 of their closest friends and family, at the Swanson’s Halloween Party, Zac finally popped the question! Everyone in attendance knew it was the proposal night, with the exception of Vanessa. Vanessa’s first clue should have been that Zac agreed to go to the party with her as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-05-31-zac--vanessa-600
The party began normally, with a live band performing and a rowdy bunch of partygoers.  During the bands break, the lead singer performed a mini magic show. During the last trick of the show, the whole crowd gathered around watching as the acting magician approached Vanessa carrying a covered metal pan; the same metal pan that earlier contained a ball of fire and a fake snake. Vanessa was shocked and backed up in fear.    After a few moments, out from under the lid of the metal pan, Vanessa’s beautiful Engagement ring was revealed.   Zac grabbed the ring, got down on one knee and popped the question. After Vanessa stopped shaking, the lead singer asked Vanessa for her response…she said yes!

View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-05-31-zac--vanessa-600As planning began Vanessa and Zac researched wedding venues from Lake Tahoe to Disneyland before Zac found Spring Creek Gold & Country Club in Ripon, CA and the couple agreed it was the perfect setting. “During the beginning of the wedding planning, everyone would ask us what our style or theme was. I would get so annoyed because I truly did not know what I wanted, other than not country chic,” Vanessa explained. “I wanted to be different and unique and be able to incorporate things that were “us”.”View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-05-31-zac--vanessa-600

Vanessa knew she wanted purple as her wedding color, but it wasn’t until after she found her chalkboard stationary on ETSY.com that she felt inspired and the details would come together.

View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-05-31-zac--vanessa-600

Spending time together during their wedding day was important to the couple and they knew they  wanted to see each other before the ceremony. Vanessa thought the balloon reveal would be a fun way to get a sneak peak of each other.  “The emotion of seeing each other for the first time was great and the balloons and the wind gave it a silly twist,”said Vanessa. “The day wouldn’t have been the same without an appearance from our Pomeranian, Stooge in his purple polka dotted bow tie. Everything turned out so perfect, better than we ever imagined. We had a fabulous bridal party, supportive parents, great friends and amazing vendors.”View More: http://koriandjared.pass.us/2014-05-31-zac--vanessa-600


Kori & Jared Photography

Ceremony & Reception Location
Spring Creek Golf & Country Club
Ripon CA.

Bridal Gown
Essense of Australia
Mira Bridal Couture

Wedding Party Dresses
After 6
Mira Bridal Couture

Men’s Wearhouse

Ciccarelli Jewelers

Country Shelf

& Uprinting.com

Sounds in Motion

Rumble Cinematography

Specialty Rentals
Classic Party Rentals

Sounds in Motion

Candy Bar
Lori Cole Events

Linda Bernadi

Hair Stylist
Crystal Marty & Amanda Teunissan
Studio 101

Make-Up Artist
Make-Up by Antoinette Karlegan

Balloon Chandeliers, & Draping
My Little Balloon Company

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