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A Destination Engagement

When Alex and Austin took a trip through charming Tennessee towns linked by unspoiled beauty and the Natchez Trace Parkway they found themselves along with Matthew James Photographers, in the middle of Jackson Falls, Tennessee. ALex & Austin by Matthew James Photographers www.bridalcouturemag.com

ALex & Austin by Matthew James Photographers www.bridalcouturemag.comCongratulations Alex & Austin

ALex & Austin by Matthew James Photographers www.bridalcouturemag.com

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Pictures with POP!

Up, up and away with these charming engagement and wedding photos!Hilary-Leffler-and-Daniel-Price Bridal-Couture-Magazine06

Ricky&AshleyHogan-August-4,-2012Kori-&-Jared-Photo-www.bridalcouturemag.comBesides being budget-friendly, balloons add the perfect pop of color to your engagement and wedding photos and are oh-so-romantic in your decor.  Here are our favorite images of these whimsical beauties bursting back into wedding trends.Rachel & John Flick by Matthew James Photographers www.bridalcouturemag.com

Couples Featured
Hilary Leffler & Daniel Price, Rachel & John Flick, & Ashley & Ricky Hogan


Photo credit
Kori and Jared Photography
Matthew James Photographers
Bliss Fotography

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Unfrosted Wedding Cakes “Naked” cakes are all the rage!

Want to get naked on your wedding day? No, we’re not talking about a dress that shows a lot of skin… naked wedding cakes just might be the next big thing! Unfrosted wedding cakes are a quickly-growing wedding cake trend, and we love the look of these bare baked goods.

It’s great for a summer wedding (where the heat could melt your buttercream creation) and has an elegant and organic vibe that is beautiful year-round. We promise that you won’t miss the frosting; placing it between the tiers means you’ll get some sweetness, but it won’t be cloying. Worried that your cake will be underdressed for the party? With the addition of fresh fruit and beautiful blooms, these cakes are actually quite celebratory! Sometimes less really is more.


Brianne & Ryan Carroll by Matthew James Photographers

Cake by Magda’s Cakes, Stockton, CA

By Rachel W. Miller for Lover.ly

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