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Hayden Panettiere Talks Proposal, Tries On Wedding Gowns

When Hayden Panettiere got engaged, it was “very sweet and simple and genuine” – and didn’t include any elaborate surprises or grand gestures.

“It wasn’t about being overwhelmed by fireworks or a mariachi band,” the Nashville star, 24, reveals in the April/May issue of Brides.

“I think it’s amazing when people do that, but I like that mine was simple and from the heart.”

Panettiere announced her engagement to boxer Wladimir Klitschko, 37, in October.hayden-panettiere-1-300 hayden-panettiere-300

Though she hasn’t started planning her nuptials, Brides gave the star a head start, dressing her in wedding gowns by designers like Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa and Monique Lhuillier for the cover shoot.

The bride-to-be admitted she’s nervous to actually wear a white dress on her big day, calling walking the red carpet and walking down the aisle “polar opposite” experiences.

“When eyes have been on me in the past, it’s been because of an event, where people see me as a persona, as Hayden Panettiere the actress,” she explained.

“For the aisle, you’re the purest, most emotionally stripped down version of yourself, sharing this raw moment with the most important people in your life. It seems very overwhelming!”

Hayden Panettiere Talks Proposal, Tries On Wedding Gowns| Engagements, Weddings, Nashville, Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere

Brian Bowen Smith for BRIDES

The couple hasn’t set a wedding date, and Klitschko’s native Ukraine remains embroiled in political conflict (his brother Vitali is a major player in the protests). But Panettiere, who spoke out to Ukrainians in December, says she’s proud of her future family’s homeland.

“It’s a beautiful country with beautiful people and a culture that I love,” she told the magazine. “With his brother running for president and the mass demonstrations [against the government aligning with Russia], it’s an incredible thing to be a part of.”

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‘Tis the Season…Engagement Season

Eye Candy_BridalCoutureMag
‘Tis the season…engagement season, that is! From Thanksgiving until Valentine’s Day, couples will be getting engaged left and right (and all over Facebook). As we head into another season filled with sparkly rings and viral video proposals, here are three trends we’re really hoping to see.
1. Women getting involved in the proposal.
Lately we’ve been seeing more straight women proposing to their guys and/or buying them engagement rings, and we hope this trend continues to grow! First, because the whole “waiting for a proposal” thing is downright torturous for a lot of women…but also because planning a proposal and buying a ring is simply fun, and too many women are missing out! (Not sure you are comfortable proposing to a guy? Consider proposing back — i.e. planning your own special date night and presenting him with a ring in the weeks after he proposes to you.)
Photo by: Matthew Moore Photography on Well Groomed via Lover.ly
2. Low-key proposals.
Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a flash mob, but a proposal isn’t a competition. Rather than trying to create the most over-the-top, totally-gonna-go-viral proposal spectacle imaginable, some couples just want to do something a little more…chill. And if that’s your thing, you shouldn’t have to worry that your proposal isn’t “good enough.” In the past couple of years, we’ve seen more and more couples skipping some of traditional aspects of weddings and opting for authentic and meaningful weddings instead, and we expect to see more couples choosing small, private, and meaningful engagements in 2014.
engagement inspiration, blue knit sweater, outdoors
Photo by: Spanglish Studios on Inspired By This via Lover.ly
3. Thinking beyond the ring.
While some women love jewelry and are super excited about the idea of a shiny new ring as an engagement gift, there are plenty of women who aren’t crazy about it. But there’s no rule that says a ring has to accompany a proposal! We’d like to see more couples embracing non-traditional engagement gifts that feel right to them. Whether it’s a down payment on a condo, a fabulous trip, or a cool piece of art, the only real requirement is that it’s meaningful to the couple. The world is ready for creative engagement gifts…seriously, who could say no to an engagement puppy?!

Photo by: Clary Photo on Snippet and Ink via Lover.ly
By Rachel W. Miller for Lover.lyvia~ Huffington Post

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A Proposal Like No Other

Justin and Emily: The Proposal

Ladies, grab some Kleenix, you are about to step into quite possibly the most romantic and creative 27 minutes in proposal history.


On April 13th Justin proposed to his girlfriend Emily at the restaurant where they had their first date. Justin told her he was running late, had the restaurant opened just for her, and set up hidden cameras all around her. When she sat down at the table, there was a TV in front of her set to take her on a journey that would lead to the proposal of a lifetime. This is what happened…

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Some of our favorite wedding proposals

Creative marriage proposals have been around for years. But YouTube has made it possible that the most elaborate attempts can be shared around the world, with some videos racking up 20 million views. If you need inspiration for popping the question, or simply want to sob into your ice cream, here are the top ten ways to get engaged.

These two from Kuala Lumpur are obviously internet meme aficionados. In this boyfriend’s proposal, he tells a story through some of the photos that have gone viral online in recent years.This couple have a tradition of taking pictures together, often in mid-air. But things get complicated when the boyfriend accidentally sets his camera onto video…
One lucky boyfriend got himself and dozens of the friends onto a train without his partner getting suspicious. One by one, members of a choir than began to sing Lovely Day by Bill Withers. There was even a piano on board. A pilot on a flight in the US has his girlfriend working in the cabin crew. He makes an announcement over the PA system, but little does she know that he isn’t just going to be talking about altitude and temperature.
This video wins the award for most effort, with the message ‘will you marry me?’ spelled out using a building’s lights.And of course one of our favorites which we shared last year

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