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Pictures with POP!

Up, up and away with these charming engagement and wedding photos!Hilary-Leffler-and-Daniel-Price Bridal-Couture-Magazine06

Ricky&AshleyHogan-August-4,-2012Kori-&-Jared-Photo-www.bridalcouturemag.comBesides being budget-friendly, balloons add the perfect pop of color to your engagement and wedding photos and are oh-so-romantic in your decor.  Here are our favorite images of these whimsical beauties bursting back into wedding trends.Rachel & John Flick by Matthew James Photographers www.bridalcouturemag.com

Couples Featured
Hilary Leffler & Daniel Price, Rachel & John Flick, & Ashley & Ricky Hogan


Photo credit
Kori and Jared Photography
Matthew James Photographers
Bliss Fotography

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