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Couple Writes and Sings Thier Own Vows

“No Matter Where You Are” – Us The Duo (Live Wedding Performance)

This brings a whole new meaning to personalizing your wedding vows: Michael and Carissa Alvarado wrote and sang their own vows during their wedding ceremony.

The Alvarados, both singers, met after coming across each other’s YouTube profiles in 2011. Once they got together, they combined forces in a single YouTube account, and gained millions of fans through that and their six-second medleys covers on Vine. Under the name Us the Duo and using the hashtag #6secondcovers, they did renditions of Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson songs.

On Tuesday, the couple released a video of the self-penned and -performed musical wedding vows they sang at their 2012 wedding. The song, called “No Matter Where You Are,” shares a name with their first album, and was born out of a mutual love for each other — and for music.

“We always told ourselves we weren’t going to sing at our own wedding,” Michael says in the video. “But Carissa and I started writing this song together and we eventually realized it was our vows.”

The Alvarados debuted the live wedding performance video on BuzzFeed this week, and shared some adorable thoughts on their partnership. For instance, once they decided to get married, their relationship “went from ‘hoping it will work’ to ‘doing everything possible to make it work. This is when we wrote ‘No Matter Where You Are.'”

The music video, which was filmed during their actual ceremony, features perfect harmonies, stolen glances, some great folk-pop instrumentals, and utterly heart-warming lyrics, all against a gorgeous green ceremony backdrop. It’s no surprise that they’ve since booked a multi-city tour. With a romantic performance like that, we bet their first dance was simply amazing.

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Let the proposal competition begin

With YouTube, Facebook, social media, reality TV outlets and more popping up, unique and creative proposals are popping the question on a scale larger then ever.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, Issac told his girlfriend Amy, to meet him at his parent’s house for dinner. When she arrived he had stationed his brother to sit her on the back of an open Honda CRV with some headphones on. He “wanted to play her a song”…


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